Biography of Sukawati Tjokorda Raka-Inventors Road Flyover

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Ir. Tjokorda Raka Sukawati born in Ubud, Bali on May 3, 1931 Indonesia is an engineer who found Sosrobahu or highway construction, which facilitates the construction of the overpass without disturbing the traffic flow during construction, Tjokorda Engineers holds a Civil Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology in 1962 , and obtained his doctorate from the University of Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta in 1996. He worked his way up in PT. Hutama work engaged in construction services and infrastructure, a State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) under the Ministry of Public Works (PU). When working on highways projects between Cawang to Tanjung Priok in Jakarta found that Sosrobahu technology.

Actually, the findings have not been specifically tested in the laboratory as practicable. But he felt sure his findings to be working, as defined by existing scientific. Even before the findings into practice, he is a devout Hindu religion it took time to pray at the top of the construction. He was fairly desperate at that time, saying that he was willing to withdraw from the director of PT. Hutama work to the minister of Public Works at the time, when finding it did not work. But it turns out that the findings Sosrobahu can work as it should with no less a thing.

He said that the findings were 80% above the will of God the Almighty. Even the number of pressure 78 kg / cm ² set out in the technological findings, the actual number mysterious to him, out of nowhere at the time he set a number wangsit it, but managed to even the engineers the United States are working on the overpass in Seattle was so obedient to the dictates of 78 kg / cm ² it. Later, after it was revealed at a later built his own laboratory, the obtained results of calculations of the provisions of 78.05 kg / cm ². Exactly the same as the earlier statutes DI figures.

At the end of his career at PT. Hutama work, Tjokorda dragged Corruption, Collusion issue Nepotism (KKN) which hit the company's construction. Tjokorda have to deal with the issue of commercial paper, a strange thing for an engineer like him. He had to deal with the court. The case is strongest following the Asian financial crisis that makes a lot of construction companies in trouble.

Tjokorda Raka Sukawati, who is also the founder of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Udayana, had retired from the PT. Hutama work, but still work even produce a second version sosrobahu technology that is superior to a matter of practicality than the previous version. Now he lives in his hometown in Ubud, Bali with teaching at the Graduate level field of Civil Engineering University of Udayana.


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