Biography of Sunan Gunung Jati

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Biography of Sunan Gunung Jati
Sunan Gunung Jati was born Hidayatulloh Syarief Year 1448 AD. Father Syech Syarief Hidayatulloh is Syarief Abdullah, an Egyptian descent into The Prophet 17, the title of Sultan Maulana Mohammed, Mother Syech Syarief Hidayatullah was Nyai Rara Santang after converting to Islam and changed its name to Syarifah Muda'im the royal daughter of King Siliwangi Padjajaran. Sych Syarief Hidayatullah Islamic traveled to learn and get Cirebon in the year 1470 AD.

Sych, supported uwanya Syarief Hidayatullah, Sri Manggana Cakrabuana Cerbon Hero aka Prince Walangsungsang and supported the Kingdom of Demak, is crowned King of Cerbon with Maulana Jati's degree in 1479.

Since the construction of infrastructure of the Kingdom of Cirebon then constructed with the assistance of Sunan Kalijaga, Architect Demak Raden Sepat, the Development Pakungwati Palace, the Great Mosque of the Copyright Rasa, the seafront road between Keraajaan Pakungwati and Muara Port Amparan Teak and Teak.

Sych Maulana Jati in the year 1526 AD, Islam spread through the kingdom of Banten and make Cirebon area. And in the year 1526 AD the army also aided by the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Cirebon Demak led by warlord named Sunda Kelapa Fatahillah seize and Portuguese, and given a new name is White Rose.

In the year 1533 AD, with Banten Banten Sultanate Sultannya be the son of Maulana Jati Syech the Sultan Hasanuddin.

Sych Maulana Wali Sanga Teak is one of initiating a new vision for the community about what it means to be a leader, what is the meaning Masyarakatm, what purpose, community, how it should act in this world through the process Pemberdyaan.

Teak Maulan Syech tasks spread of Islamic da'wah to the various layers of society with the support of personnel and organizational aspects of the support group Walisanga Forum, where the forum Walisanga effectively used as a tool of organization and propaganda interests, an appropriate strategy to accelerate teresebarnya Islam.

Sych Maulana Rahmatullah Teak passed away on December 26 to Rayagung year 891 Hijri or 1568 AD coincided with the years.

Javanese date is 11 months Badramasa Krisnapaksa Saka year 1491.

Died at the age of 120 years, so the son and grandson did not get to lead the Cirebon due to death first. So that his great-grandson, who led after Sych Maulana Jati.

Sych Syarief Hidayatullah became known as Sunan Gunung Jati because buried in the Mount Gunung Jati.

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