Biography of Sylvester Stallone~Long Road to Success

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Biography of Sylvester Stallone - Long Road to Success
Sylvester Stallone Gardenzio (born in New York City, USA, July 6, 1946, age 64 years) is an actor, director and screenplay writer United States. He has the nickname "Sly". His middle name is sometimes called "Enzio," and is on A & E biography of one of the actors, The Rocky Road to the Top, his mother gave the middle name "Gardenzio." He was one of the great legends of success in live action films, including his roles in Rocky and Rambo series.

This young man was born from a poor family in New York. His mother was forced to give birth da ditangga door of a school. Is not smooth due to the birth, he suffered a nervous abnormality in the face, the right side of his face becomes normal. He also spoke of stuttering, and his lips are always attracted to the bottom. He was often ridiculed as a cartoon character in Looney Tunes cat who happens to like his name. Because of its shortcomings, in his teens he entered a school for children who have special needs.

He has a dream to become an actor. To pursue his dream of becoming a famous actor, the young man auditioning everywhere. But the face is "like a mental defective" and the stuttering speaking style, as well as a look stiff acting, he always refused to make any role he wanted. But he never gave up, you will be surprised to know how many times he was denied an agent in New York. He was in decline as much as 1500 times, even the total number of agents in New York movie is not that much. That is, some agents have repeatedly rejected.

After failing auditions everywhere, he finally determined. To get the first role she had insisted. He came kesebuah agency pukuk 4:00 pm but the movie agent who visited refused to meet him. The next morning when the agent came to the office he found the boy still waiting. He waited all night. Finally, the agent is not the heart and give him a chance. Although he only appears for a few minutes as extras, this is a breakthrough for him. At least give added value that he had to play the movie. He thought the course would be easier.

But his career was not moving. He met the next failures to get other roles. He even once took part in semi-porno filim low-paying U.S. $ 200 for 2 days shooting. After his career and even then did not move. He could not pay the heating when the room temperature is very cold in New York. He was forced keperpustakaan read, just to get a warm temperature. Of books read in the library he finally got the idea for a screenplay menlis. He managed to sell a screenplay worth U.S. $ 100.

His life did not improve. His wife could not stand the obsession began. His wife always says look for a real job that has nothing to do with acting, but he was determined not to bury his dream of acting in the world. His life more difficult, he was forced to sell her jewelry. At the point in his life he was forced terndah sell pet dog named Timmy. He struggled for months until one day he did not have any money. Timmy is very close to him, like a friend, he was forced to sell his dog with only a price of U.S. $ 25 to be able to connect his life, because it was absolutely bankrupt, could not even eat. At that time he was crying.

In the turmoil he was watching a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Webner, a weak boxer who according to forecasts and more people will be torn down for 3 rounds, it has Webner stability and hardness of heart. He can complete a total of 15 rounds against Ali for not giving up. Easygoing it is inspired by the spectacle and emerge a vision of a movie he would write naskanya. That night he also wrote and wrote for three days without stopping, until the movie script is complete. He was very excited with the manuscript, akarena in pikirrannya he knew that the manuscript story will be a movie that changes lives and destiny. His hands shook as looking up the manuscript.

Ut then submit his writings to the film producer. But no one gave a serious response to the text of the story. But he never stopped trying. He offers the story and the script was rejected more than a hundred times to all producers and movie studios. Until one day, no studio would dare buy a script worth U.S. $ 20,000 provided by the main character dibitangi Reynolds Ryan O'Neal and Brut. He is excited about the offer, but ntotot want to keep the film starring himself. Then he offered to play for free of charge. The director refused. Although actually in desperate need of money, he insisted on refusing to sell the script unless he could be a star. The producers continue to raise the bid $ 80,000, $ 125,000, $ 250,000 to $ 325,000, but insisted the young man would not sell a movie script but he played a main character. He promised to play nice.

Producers finally agreed and made him the main character in the film, but only for a fee of $ 20,000 for the script plus $ 340 per week a story suitable minimum wage of an actor. Having cut costs, agent commissions, and taxes, he just got a net income of $ 6,000 instead of $ 325,000

This is the story of Sylvester Stallone or can be abbreviated "Sly". Sly realized, after 1500 times of rejection, Rocky screenplay that made possible the only gateway to a major role, because he did not want to release Rokcy role to someone else. Even had a low-budget U.S. $ 1,000,000 and starring actors not known at the time, that is Stallone himself, the film explodes in the market and make money worth U.S. $ 200 million or 200-fold.

From the Rocky movie starring Academy Award he was nominated as best actor. The film won three Oscars for best film, best director and best screenplay. After Rocky, success continues to accompany the next decades. He returned to become icons in the action movie character Rambo. This young man italian descent into ikom machismo (manliness) in Hollywood action films.

He became an actor in the world's largest printer box office during the year 1970 to 1990. Serial Rocky (Rocky 1-5) and Rambo (1-4) reached nearly U.S. $ 1 billion, and making an international film star Stallone seoarng expensive.

What is achieved today is the fruit of his determination to maintain the dream to become a movie star. If he gave up a script starring Rocky others he might receive U.S. $ 325,000 for the script but he lost the opportunity, which may be the only, to become a major star. About the rejection that happened he said "i take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake up and get going, rather than retreat".
"I think the rejection like a man blowing a trumpet in his ear to wake us not to retreat"

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