Biography of Tariq ibn Ziyad - Conquering Spain

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Tariq bin Ziyad bin Abdullah bin Walgho bin bin Niber Walfajun Ghasin Yathufat bin bin bin Walhas Nafzau is the son of Ash-Shadaf tribal, ethnic Berbers, a native of Al-Atlas region, North Africa. He was born around the year 50 Hijri. He was expert horsemanship, weapons, and martial arts.

After the Messenger of Allah. death, Islam spread in a wide spectrum. Long three continents-Asia, Africa, and Europe, have experienced the mercy and justice in the shade of Islamic government. No exception to Spain (Andalusia). This country in mainland Europe who first entered the arms of Islam at the time of the Ottoman Government Umaiyah Bani.

Previously, since the year 597 AD, the Spanish ruled the Gotic, Germany. Roderick king who ruled at that time. He ruled with despotic. He divided Spanish society into five social classes. The first class is the royal family, nobles, rich people, landlords, and the rulers of the region. The second class of priests occupied. The third class is filled by state employees such as guards, palace guards, and employees of government offices. They live hand to mouth and exploited people of the ruler as a tool of blackmail.

The fourth class are farmers, traders and community groups who live quite another. They are burdened with high taxes and levies. And fifth grade are farm workers, lowly soldiers, servants, and slaves. They suffer most of his life.

As a result of social classification, the Spanish people did not feel at home. Most of them emigrated to North Africa. Here under the Islamic government led by Musa bin Nusair, they feel justice, equality, security, and enjoy prosperity. Spanish immigrants were mostly religious Jews and Christians. In fact, the Governor of Ceuta, named Julian, and his daughter Florinda, who spotted Roderick followers fled.

Seeing that injustice, Musa bin Nusair plans to liberate the people of Spain as well convey Islam to the country. Caliph Al-Walid bin Abdul Malik gave permission. Abu Musa immediately sent troops Zar'ah with 400 pedestrians and 100 cavalry crossed the strait between mainland Europe and North Africa.

Thursday, 4 Ramadan 91 AH or 2 April 710 AD, Abu Zar'ah left North Africa to use eight of the ship where the 4 is the gift of Governor Julian. 25th of Ramadan 91 H 710 H or 23 April, at night these troops landed on a small island near the city Tarife to whom the first attack.

In the afternoon, the troops had conquered several cities along the coast without significant resistance. Abu Zar'ah whereas the number of troops lost a lot. After this conquest, Abu Zar'ah home. The success of this expedition Zar'ah Abu Musa bin Nusair uplifting to conquer all of Spain. So, he ordered Tariq bin Ziyad brought troops to the conquest of the latter.

Monday, May 3 711 M, Tariq 70 000 troops to bring across to mainland Europe by ship. Arriving on the coast of the Spanish territory, he gathered his forces on a cliff now known as the Gibraltar-taken from the Arabic "Jabal Tariq", Tariq Hill. Then he ordered his soldiers to burn all the ships at their disposal.

Shock troops. They ask, "What do you mean?" 'If the ships were burned, how will we get home? "Asked another.

With drawn sword and strong copy, Tariq said, "We come here not to return. We only have two choices: to conquer the country and stay here or we all perish! "

Now the troops understand. They welcomed their warlords call it jihad with the spirit of burning.

Then Tariq continued debriefing. "O the whole army, if you have this, where else will you run? Behind the sea and you have no enemy in front of you. For the sake of Allah swt., The only property you currently only honesty and patience. That's all you can rely on.

Enemy with a large number of troops and weapons equipped are ready to meet you. While your weapon is a sword. You will be helped if you managed to seize enemy weapons and equipment you. Therefore, as soon as possible you should be able to paralyze them. If not, you will find great difficulty. That's why you have to attack them first so that their strength paralyzed. Thus our morale will rise.

The enemy was determined that you will defend their country to the death. Why do not we also determined the month for attacking them to die a martyr? I did not set at all intend to scare you. But let us mobilize mutual trust between us and we mobilize the courage which is one of the main capital of our struggle.

We must stand shoulder to shoulder. Indeed, I know you've made up my mind and spirit as religious fighters and nation. For that one day you will enjoy the pleasures of life, besides that you also get a great return reward from God Almighty. That's because you have been willing to uphold his sentence and the defense of his religion.

Believe me, Allah swt. is your main helper. And I was the first person who will fill the coffers of this in front of you. I will face alone the arrogant King Roderick. Hopefully I can kill it. However, if there is a chance, you should just kill him ahead of me. For the despot's killing, the country with easy to control. I am sure, the forces of fear. Thus, this country will come under the banner of Islam. "

Tariq had heard the troops landed, King Roderick preparing an army of 100,000 with a full arsenal. He immediately led his troops were. Musa bin Nusair sent aid to Tariq only 5,000 people. So the total force Tariq only 12,000 people.

Sunday, 28th of Ramadan 92 July 19 711 H or M, the two armies met and fought at the mouth of the River Barbate. Muslim troops who lost a lot of urgency. Julian and some of his men to infiltrate the stronghold of Roderick. He spread the news that the Muslim army did not come to colonize, but only to stop the injustice Roderick. If Roderick was killed, the war will be stopped.

Julian businesses succeed. Roderick partially withdraw troops and leave the battlefield. As a result the host Roderick chaotic. Tariq take advantage of the situation and managed to kill Roderick with his own hands. Roderick tengelam hanyat corpse was brought current and Barbate River.

Roderick killing discourage Spanish troops. Their strongholds easily mastered. This success has been warmly welcomed Musa bin Nusair. For him this is a good starting point for the conquest of the whole of Spain and European countries.

A year later, on Wednesday, 16th of Ramadan 93 AH, Musa bin Nusair carrying 10,000 troops departed after Tariq. On the way she managed to subdue Merida, Sionia, and Sevilla. While Tariq memabagi forces troops to subdue Cordova, Granada, and Malaga. He himself took some of his troops conquer Toledo, the capital Spantol time. All conquered without a fight.

Musa and Tariq army troops met in Toledo. Both combine to conquer Ecija. After that they move toward the Pyrenies, France. In just two years, the whole land was overrun by the Spanish. A few years later they conquered the Portuguese and rename them with Al-Gharb (the West).

Really it's a remarkable success. Musa bin Nusair and Tariq ibn Ziyad plan to bring troops further north to conquer the whole of Europe. Because, at that time there was no power of any who could face them. However, the intention was not tereaslisasi because the Caliph Al-Walid bin Abdul Malik called them both back to Damascus. Tariq first home while Musa bin Nusair up a new government in Spain.

After meeting Khalifah, Tariq bin Ziyad ordained by God Almighty. not return to Europe. He was sore and exhaled breath. Tariq bin Ziyad has made its mark on history as the son of the original pieces of North African Muslim who conquered Europe.

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