Biography of Umar bin Khtttab

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Umar bin Khtttab was one of the companions of the Prophet and second caliph after the death of Abu Bakr As-Sidiq. Services and their effects on the spread of Islam is very big up to Michael H. Heart put the number 51 most influential people throughout the world.

He was born in Mecca from the Banu Adi, one of the family of the Quraysh tribe with the full name of Umar bin Abdul Uzza bin Nafiel. Umar families belonging to middle-class family, he could read and write that in those days was a rarity. Umar also known for his powerful physique where he was a champion wrestler in Mecca.

Omar grew into a respected and feared by the young in those days. Hard to make her character got the nickname "Desert Lion". He is also very strong in defense of traditional religion of the Arabs who worshiped idols and maintain their customs. Even his daughter buried alive in order to maintain the honor of Umar. It is said that at some point, Umar resolved to assassinate Muhammad. When looking for him, he ran into a Muslim (Nu'aim bin Abdullah) who then told me that her sister also embraced Islam. Umar was shocked by the notice and return to his home.

Umar at home found that his brother was reading the verses of the Qur'an (Thoha letter), he became angry and will it hit his brother. When he saw his brother bleeding by the blow he was filled with pity, and then requested that the passage he could see. He then became very shaken by the Koran and then directly converted to Islam on the same day.

As a military official and a good tactician, Umar frequently participated in various battles that confront Muslims with Rasullullah Saw. He was involved in the battle of Badr, Uhud, Khaybar and the attack on Syria.
After the death of Saw Rasullullah., He is one of the Shabat is very upset with the incident. He even had to prevent dimakamkannya Rasullullah being sure that the prophet is not dead, it just was not in the ballpark of the body, and will return at any time. But after advised by Abu Bakr, Umar and then bury Rasullullah aware and involved.

At the time of Abu Bakr served as caliph, Umar is one of the advisers of his head. Then, after the death of Abu Bakr in the year 634, the testament of Abu Bakr and Umar appointed substitute approved by the entire Muslim representatives at the time.

During his tenure, the Caliph Umar highly respected and feared by other countries. Islamic forces advanced rapidly, taking over most of Mesopotamia and the Persian Sassanid dynasty of the hands of Persia (Sassanid empire, an end) and take over Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa and Armenia from the Roman Empire (Byzantium).

Umar is known of his simple life style, rather than adopting lifestyle and appearance of the rulers of that era, he was still alive, as when the followers of Islam are still poor and persecuted. In about the year to 17 AH, the fourth year kekhalifahannya, Omar issued a decree that the Islamic calendar should begin to be calculated when the event moved.

Umar martyr after being stabbed by Abu Lukluk, a Persian slave origin who avenged the defeat of the Persians to Islam at an early morning prayers when Umar was working on. Umar died on 25 Dhu al-Hijjah 23 H and subsequently replaced by Usman ibn Affan.

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