Biography of Usher Raymond

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Biography of Usher Raymond
Terrence was born with the name Usher Raymond IV or better known by the name of Usher, born October 14, 1978 in the City of Dallas, USA. is an R & B singer, actor and United States nationals who won five Grammy Awards. He was born in Dallas. He was a career in film and music since 1994. Usher Terry Raymond IV began singing when she was six years old, joined the local church choir at the behest of his mother, Jonnetta Patton, who acted as choir director.

Patton, a single mom, raised Usher and his younger brother, James, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when Usher was 12 years old. Quoted by the singer as his best friend, Usher's mother continues to guide the teen star career as a manager, a task he assumed after quitting work full-time office was a few years lalu.Setelah moved to Atlanta, Usher began participating menunjukkanUsher dalamberbagai local talent began to participate in various show of local talent. It is in one of the exhibition, in 1992, that he was spotted by Bryant Reid, brother of Antonio Reid, the famous R & B producer and co-president (with 'Kenneth Babyface' Edmonds') of LaFace Records.

Bryant arranged for Usher to audition for his brother, and popular producer was immediately taken with the young singer's precocious talent - legend has it that Reid offered Usher a contract in place. Usher recorded and released their debut album on LaFace in 1994. Usher just 14 when he worked on the album, and puberty proved somewhat of a hindrance to the process. As a result, manufacturers bring some vocal coach to help complete the record. Their efforts are not wasted, as the album that captured the spirit of a young Usher and native singing prowess, not to mention the interest of many listeners.

After graduating from high school, he entered the studio to record his sophomore effort, "My Way", produced by Jermaine Dupri of So So Def Records, and released in October 1997, around the time of the 19th anniversary of Usher. This note has been highly anticipated by the success of the first hit single, "I Want You Want", an impassioned love song in the tradition of R & B classics. "This song is a giant instant, stand at or near the top of Billboard's R & B singles from the time of release, and end up spending a considerable time in the 2 position # on single pop, second only to Elton John 's wildly popular" Candle in the Wind '97. "The success of" My Way "proves that the crooner teenager has won the hearts of legions of listeners. It also illustrates the artistic maturity he has experienced since her debut recording. This time around, Usher wrote his own songs, write down five of the nine album tracks.

The remaining four songs were donated by R & B heavyweights such as Babyface, Teddy Riley and producer Dupri. Usher spent six months living at home while recording the album Dupri, time together, he said, helping them understand each other, and helped Dupri realize genuine growth Usher experienced in his life. "My Way" resulted in a second smash, "Nice & Slow", which also puts chokehold on the singles charts on its release, and video for the track to collect a fair share of critical acclaim. Shot by renowned hip-hop director Hype Williams, video, filmed in Paris, has a dramatic romantic storyline that almost rivals the song itself. Usher was recognized for the strength of recent work when he won the 1997 Soul Train Award for Best R & B Single by a Male, for "You Make Me Want" He also received a Grammy nomination, although one of the few blemishes on his young career came during the awards broadcast s when he inadvertently introduced Album of the Year award winner Bob Dylan as "Bill" before an international television audience. For the most part, though, the TV has been good for the child.

In addition to appearing in a variety of programs like "Oprah Winfrey Show" (1986), Usher also has a recurring character on the syndicated TV show "Moesha" (1996), starring pop singer Brandy Norwood. Usher appeared in several episodes of Jeremy Davis, a boarding school student romantically involved with the event title character. For the future, however, Usher concentrate on the ability to take music to the next level by perfecting skills as a live player. He's got a lot of practice, travel in P. Diddy 'No Way Out spectacular, and with Mary J. Blige its national tour.


1994: Usher
1997: My Way
1999: Live
2001: 8701
2004: Confessions
2008: Here I Stand
2010: Raymond v. Raymond


Moesha as Jeremy (1997-1998)
The Bold And The Beautiful, as Raymond (1998)
The Faculty (1998)
She's All That (1999)
Light It Up (1999)
Geppetto (2000)
Texas Rangers (2001)
In the Mix (2005), as Darrell
Killers (2010), as Kevin
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011)

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