Biography of Usman bin Affan

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Usman bin Affan are companions of the Prophet and also the third caliph in the first four caliphs. He is known as a wealthy merchant and economist reliable but very generous. Many economic assistance rendered to the Muslims in early Islam. He earned the nickname Dzunnurain which means that having two light. The nickname was acquired because Usman had married the daughter of the second and third of the Saw Rasullah Ruqayah and Umm Kaltsum.

Usman bin Affan was born in 574 AD from the class of the Umayyads. His mother's name was Arwa bint Rabiah bin Kuriz. He converted to Islam upon the invitation of Abu Bakr and one of those Assabiqunal Awwalun (the first group to convert to Islam). Prophet Uthman bin Affan himself describes as the most honest and personal humility among the Muslims. Narrated by Imam Muslim that Aisha asked the Prophet, 'Abu Bakr, but you get used to it and not give special attention, then get thee Umar too casual and not given special attention. But when you continue to sit Uthman entered and correct clothing, why? 'Rasullullah replied, "Did I not ashamed of who the angels are shy to him?"

At the first call by Rasullullah Saw moved to Habbasyiah due to the increased pressure of the Quraysh against the Muslims, Uthman with his wife and other Muslims to meet such calls and moved to Habbasyiah until the pressure subsides from the Quraysh. Not long lived in Mecca, Uthman followed the Prophet Muhammad to migrate to Madinah. In the event Hudaibiyah, Uthman sent by Abu Sofyan Rasullah to meet in Mecca. Uthman ordered the Prophet to assert that the group of Madinah will only be worshiped in the Kaaba, and then immediately returned to Medina, not to fight the inhabitants of Mecca.

At the time of War and War Ghatfahan Dzatirriqa raging, where Rasullullah Saw led the war, believed Uthman mayor of Medina. When the War of Tabuk, Uthman donate 1000 1000 camels and 70 horses, plus a 1000 dirham private donations for the war of Tabuk, equal to one third the cost of the war. Uthman bin Affan also showed generosity when buying a water well clear of a Jew for 200 000 dirham which is roughly equal to two and a half kg of gold at that time. Well is he wakafkan for the benefit of the general populace. In the reign of Abu Bakr, Uthman also gave the wheat to be transported to 1000 camels to help the poor who suffer in dry seasons.

After the death of Caliph Umar bin Khattab the second deliberation was held to pick the next caliph. There are six candidates who proposed the caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib, Uthman ibn Affan, Abdurahman ibn Auf, Sa'ad bin Abi Waqas, Talha and Zubair bin Awwam Ubaidillah bin. Furthermore Abdurrahman bin Auff, Sa'ad bin Abi Waqas, Zubair bin Awwam, and Talha bin Ubaidullah resigned to just Uthman and Ali was left. Public vote at that time tended to choose the third Caliph Uthman became. Uthman was appointed then 70-year-old became the third caliph, and the oldest, and the first chosen from several candidates. This incident occurred in the month of Muharram 24 AH Uthman became caliph in Islam as the government has really established and structured.

He is the first caliphs who expanded the mosque of al-Haram (Mecca) and Nabawi Mosque (Medina) because of increasingly crowded Muslims who run the five pillars of Islam (pilgrimage). He had the idea that police security for its people; make a special building for court and prosecute cases that were previously performed in the mosque, built farms, conquer the Syrians, North Africa, Persia, Khorasan, Palestine, Cyprus, Rodhes, and also forms a strong navy. The greatest merit is the time to issue a policy to collect the Qur'an in one Mushaf.

During his tenure, replacing the governor Uthman many areas that do not match or are less capable and menggantikaannya with people who are more credible. But it makes a lot of heartache officials revealed that they conspired to kill the Caliph. Caliph Uthman then besieged by the rebels for 40 days starting from the month of Ramadan to Dzulhijah. Although Othman has the power to get rid of the rebels, but he is principled not to shed Muslim blood. Uthman eventually died a martyr on Friday the 17 Dzulhijah 35 H when the rebels managed to enter his house and killed Uthman while reading the Quran. Just like what the Rasullullah Saw about the death of the martyr Uthman later. He was buried in Baqi cemetery in Medina.

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