Biography of Walter Elias Disney - Walt Disney Founder

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Biography of Walter Elias Disney - Walt Disney Founder
Walt Disney's life can be summarized in the guidelines followed by all the rich people. Anyone who wants to successful, have to work hard, never give up, and more to follow fondness. Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. His mother, Flora Call, is a German woman, while his father, Elias Disney, a Canadian of Irish descent. But there is one idea that has always bothered Walt Disney thought the idea of ​​working alone, especially since he had heard that some employees would be required when the busy season passes.

He was excited by the prospect of it for two reasons. First, he wanted to stand alone, and second, he really wanted to do something new and original, not only meet the wishes of the boss and the customers. Disney, along with a friend, Ube Iwerks, who founded the first art dealer advertising. The first customers are a series of restaurants. Disney and his friend managed to make a deal with the restaurant to establish his workshop in building a new restaurant without paying the slightest. In return, they should make posters advertising for the restaurant.

In addition to working to fulfill this contract, they are free to work on other projects. To attract customers, Walt designed a special plan. He would go into a store or company and find out if they have a piece of art. The person in charge may be answered that part was not needed. Then Walt would offer his services on a freelance basis, the relationship off. If the company does not have a job to do, it's okay. But whenever any such work to be done, Walt and his friends are ready to provide services. In a short time, the workings of such a possible Walt and his friends to save enough money that can not be collected suppose they work on a single company.

This business seems to give great hope, but one day Walt found an ad in the newspaper that the Kansas City yangmenyatakan Film Ad Company requires a cartoonist. He faces a dilemma: Should he maintain his business with the UBE or will try to fulfill the dream since childhood to make animated cartoons? Once he has mastered a new skill, nothing will prevent him or her to start her own business again.

These considerations led him to take the job burdensome. In 1920, Disney finally entered the world of animated cartoons. He will soon create a name for himself in that field, and figures his role will be popular all over the world.

KC Film Ac Company holds responsibility for all aspects of advertising films and before long realized the ability of this young cartoonist. Shortly after the start, Walt was given the task of making a poster of a man wearing a cap according to the latest fashion. Walt was drawing a poster, but the nose of the bulb is replaced with a picture! When the poster was displayed on the screen, the boss shouted: "finally emerged something new in this place: I'm tired of these beautiful faces."

Originality and vision of Walt about the stuff around it to make some friends and superiors are less happy. They actually think he's jealous and vandals. Therefore, they do not want to let him try a new technique perfected remedy cartoons. He had a brilliant idea to make some paintings and celluloid, then photographed and accumulated and eventually filmed. Leaders do not want to hear such a thing. They feel that the way they work long enough to give the results until then. They do not see any reason to change their techniques, because in that way, too, the customer is satisfied. Walt Disney knew that he was right. After many months to persuade his boss, Walt eventually allowed to bring home one of the camera company to do some experimenting. Since then, Walt Disney never looked back again.

In an empty garage that has been overhauled so the studio, he began making short animated films using the technique rekaannya. He then showed the results to a well-known leader bisokop. The man was very impressed. Sketches and film techniques that Walt is very different from before. The first cartoon movie opens in theaters.

At first, the cartoons are meant to replace the ads that viewers continue to enjoy what appears on screen during the time interval. Walt called the films "Laugh-O-Grams." Films audiences loved the cartoon Walt and since it's in Kansas City, Walt Disney was no longer derided as the eccentric young people "but respected. His salary rose. In a short time Disney became famous in the city.

It returns a borrowed camera and bought his own camera with his savings. Cartoons are becoming increasingly popular. Walt Disney hired a larger office space for small businesses, Laugh-O-Grams Corporation with initial capital of $ 15,000. He hired a few interns and a salesman to promote the Laugh-O-Grams in New York City. His dream to come true self when she was only 20 years old.

He then decided to get out of the KC Film to work itself fully. But success does not happen by itself. High production costs and perfectionist attitude Walt Disney (who make all the money he put back the results to improve results), in addition to a very limited market, soon lead to bankruptcy.

This is a bleak period in his life: he had thought that the difficulty of finally passed. He does not bear the slightest and was forced to stay in the garage with the eating and sleeping on a small stool, the only piece of furniture she had. Even worse, once a week he had to go to the train station to take a shower.

Finally he managed to get a contract making animated cartoons to educate the children the importance of brushing teeth. One night, a dentist who ordered this cartoon came to see him and invited him into his office. "No," said Disney. "Why," asked the doctor. "Since I have no shoes. The only shoe cobbler in place for repair work, and I do not have the money to take it. "

Although the state faces a troubled department. Walt Disney did not despair. There is an idea in his brain. On one night in July 1923, by bringing all the money in the pocket of his old suit of oil cloth gray, gaunt young man boarded the train is headed Hollywood. He was strongly determined to become an important person in the world of cinema.

When he arrived in Hollywood, Walt Disney is just one among many who expect to realize his ideals. His older brother Ray had lived in California for some time, and he happily invited her sister to stay at his house. Walt started to visit the movie studios one by one. He is willing to work whatever the origin are associated with berfilman.

To advance in a particular area of ​​expertise, one must go into it any sacrifice. Disney soon realized how difficult it into the Hollywood movie studios. Many others before him have been applying for work, but it was rejected. Walt Disney did not become discouraged by it. If there is anyone else who gets in, why is he not? In his eyes, there are two kinds of people: Those who feel lost and helpless when they can not find jobs and those who can earn money in any way in these difficult times. Disney has always tried hard to be included in the second group.

The experience taught him that people should be fully self-reliant. He returned to the drawing board with a willingness to find a place for himself. He drew the comic films with the purpose of sale to the cinema business. He only uses the experience already gained in Kansas City with the Laugh-O-Grams. There's a movie theater owner who was so impressed that he bought the comic movie beamed. He even ordered a series of stories Alice in Wonderland which has begun to be made by Walt Disney in Kansas. Disney to offer $ 1,500 cash. Amount of that much larger than expected. Alice in Wonderland series is played in sequence to three years. Walt Disney with the proceeds buy a house and even build your own movie studio. After the movie Alice in Wonderland, Walt wanted to create something new and completely original. Thus was born a clever little creature called "Mickey Mouse", a name given by Disney's wife, Lillian Bounds. Mickey Mouse quickly became a big star in the world, and even more famous than many Hollywood stars. However, the producers initially welcomed the arrival of Mickey with less fervor.

It was about this time, the films began to appear and speak begin to boycott the silent film. Disney reacted. With a group of aides, he introduced a new method for mensikronkan sound and animation. Walt constantly looking for new techniques to improve skill. He also implemented a process: "teknikolor" new. With this new technique he had no need to use a combination of two colors. In the movie Bambi, he uses 46 hues of green to the forest. The first cartoon in color, Silly Symphony, making movie fans delight.

Disney increasingly realized that if she wanted to continue working with a larger scale, it should establish a group cerdar brained, meaning he must surround himself with assistants smart people who are able to offer top quality products. To establish itself, we know that we have to train their own assistants.

Disney felt that the cartoonists who worked for him too often use deceptive means ancient. He knew that the only way to change this situation is to hold training courses for them. The goal is simple: improve the quality of painting and animation techniques. As the company continues to grow, he decided in 1930 to establish his own school, where he will teach you all the cartoon animation techniques to prospective cartoonists. The school was soon started to look like a zoo. You see, to make the characters more realistic cartoon Disney has transformed his classroom into a real life biological laboratory with a variety of animals are observed by the students in a variety of behavior and attitude while you sleep, watch, eat, and others. These observations will help him also to make documentary films about the wonders of nature in the future. In 1938, Disney introduced a canopy-length animated film of the first essay, Snow White. To make this movie it takes two full years of hard work. The film is one of his great work.

Not long after that, he built a modern film studio in Burbank, California. In that place he would employ as many as 1,500 people. At that point he seems to have achieved what he dreamed. Stage by stage he became what he wants first. I only work well if there hambatanm to handle. I worry when things are going too well because I was afraid the sudden change in this situation.

After Duinia War II, Ray and Walt Disney received a contract from the Army to make a documentary and war posters. Once the war ended, increasingly busy business for Disney Studios, and Walt increasingly devoted to his art skills. He often worked late into the night. That said, he often rummage through garbage paper to see its contents. The next day he would tell aistennya to examine what he found; he said, the pieces of paper often contains a big idea. At the time that Walt Disney created the most amount of films, including Cinderella, Peter Pan and Bambi.

In the 1950s, Walt Disney's dream-Disneyland fantasmagorik began to flourish. At that time, all his friends, especially bankers, bankers, stating that the project is crazy. Once again, Disney will show that the human dream can become reality.

The idea of ​​creating Disneyland appears, when he was a walk in the park with her two daughters, Sharon and Diana. He envisioned a vast park where children can meet with their loved cartoon characters. When Walt Disney finally decided for the project, no one or nothing can change his decision.

Disneyland finally materialized in Anaheim, California, in 1955. It was a great day for Walt Disney. He said: If I listen to my own, my garden will not be completed. Here, finally, something I can constantly perfected. In 1985, Disneyland visitors are welcome to-250 million. When Walt Disney died in 1966, cinema lost one of the greatest creators. Two important principles have motivated throughout his life: doing what she enjoyed and believed in his ideas. Without these principles, he would never become a great Walt Disney: 900 marks of honor recipients, 32 Oscars, five Emmys, and five honorary doctorates, a pioneer in the history of animation and one of the world's richest man. He has to realize his dreams far exceed the expectations of the most grandiose.

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