Cancer Hazard

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Cancer Hazard
Cancer is not a mild disease. The initial step in the treatment of cancer detection correctly is that the symptoms that appear on the patient's body is truly malignant cancer cells. This detection can be done by examination of biopsy, so that the treatment step can be performed quickly and precisely. The next step is a therapeutic treatment in a conventional manner. But in fact this way of treatment of cancer often can not be solved in total. Here, the role of medicinal plants / herbs.

The main role of herbs is increasing patient endurance and localizing the cancer cells so that cancer cells do not easily spread, and more easily removed, as well as non-toxic making it safer for the patient. An example is a medicinal plant from the rodent tuber extract (Typhonium Flagelliforme). In use, these herbs can be used together with conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonterapi) or after conventional treatment has been completed. Because the drug of rodent tuber extract can help reduce the effects of conventional treatments.

The number of cancer patients in Indonesia is not known with certainty, but the increase from year to year can be proven as a cause of death. Only a few cancers that can be treated satisfactorily, especially if treated at an early stage still. Treatment success is determined by the type of cancer, cancer staging, the general state of the patient, and efforts to heal patients.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of tissue cells are not normal. Cancer cells will grow rapidly, uncontrollable, and will continue to divide, then infiltrate the surrounding tissues (invasive) and continues to spread through the connective tissue, blood, and attack vital organs and spinal cord. Under normal circumstances, the cells will divide only if there is replacement of cells that have died and broken. Instead cancer cells will divide continues even if the body does not need it, so will the accumulation of new cells are called malignant tumors. Stacking cells are urgent and damage normal tissue, thereby disrupting the organs they occupy. Cancer can occur in various tissues in various organs in each body, from feet to head. When cancer occurs on the surface of the body, it would be easily detected and treated. But if there is in the body, the cancer will be difficult to know and sometimes - sometimes have no symptoms. If symptoms occur, they usually have an advanced stage that it is difficult to treat.

Differences Tumor and Cancer

There are two kinds of tumors are benign tumors and malignant tumors. Benign tumors only grow and grow, not too dangerous, and not spread outside the network. Whereas malignant tumors are cancers that grow rapidly and uncontrolled and damaging other tissue.

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