Coldest Place in the World

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International Falls

International Falls, Minnesota, known as the coldest place among 48 other states in America. Cities with a population of about 7,000 people with a temperature of 2 ° C. rata2 December, January and February temperatures were below zero. Local festival called Icebox days sowmobile involve racing, snow sculptures, bowling with frozen turkeys, and some other cool and exciting events.


Umiat, Alaska is the coldest place in America, with rata2 temperature of only 1 ° C. Urban population is around 5 people, and there are no permanent residents


Photo above shows the fate of a meteorologist in Alaska. This photo was taken at the time of Jim Brader was traveling to a small airport in Yukon, Canada, called Snag. Snag is where the lowest temperature recorded in North America. February 3, 1947, the temperature of mercury are used, even under the lowest size of the existing indicators, once calculated, the temperature reached -63 ° C. In this way the temperature of the human voice can be heard up to 6km away.

Northice Station

The coldest place in the western hemisphere is Greenland. Northice Research Station in central Greenland Ice Sheet recorded temperature of -66 ° C on January 9, 1954. Such temperatures are very cold, and I think no one can picture, because there are no photos found on Northice


Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia region in Siberia, diklain as the world's coldest blood. Population: 200,000 people. During January, the highest temperature is the temperature of -50 ° C. The residents often have to leave their cars still on, so it still can go home. Even if you visit this city, you will get a warning not to wear glasses outside the house, because it will freeze and will tear your flesh if you are forced to let go.


Verkhoyansk, Yakutia region in Siberia, lies within the Arctic region, the eight-day journey from Yakutsk. And the trip can only be done during the winter, because the frozen lake ice, and only then can pass through it. Verkhoyansk has 1300 inhabitants, and their livelihood is reindeer breeding and hunting for fur. The area is rich in natural resources such as gold. But this area was not mined because it was too cold.


Oymyakon, other areas are also cold, and was in the Russian regions. Kata2 is derived from the Sakha language means: water is not frozen, because of the hot water ditengah2 other water freezes (permanently frozen water you know!). January 26, 1972, the temperature recorded at -71.2 ° C. Oymayakon Because the location is in the "bottom of the bowl" of the mountain, the cold air is often trapped in here, so that the air temperature is often very low ali.

Vostok Station

In the southern hemisphere, there is one very cool place, recorded at Vostok Station, a research station in Russia. July 21, 1983, recorded the temperature of -89.2 ° C

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