Dangers of smoking to health and how to stop smoking

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Dangers of smoking to health and how to stop smoking
Dangers of smoking to health and how to quit smoking, smoking is a small cylinder-shaped objects that it contains tobacco that has been mixed with other ingredients. Cigarette burn on the edges and then judged the smoke and removed again. Smoking has been around since ancient times, and now smoking is very prevalent. Sometimes people are less aware of the dangers of cigarettes, so they smoke a nice and relaxed whenever they could. In fact many ways to quit smoking, but if in the heart of the smoker is not really the intention to quit smoking will definitely come back again.

Dangers of smoking to health

Healthy life really easy and cheap, but sometimes becomes a costly thing if we do not want to keep it. And when we are sick, then we realize the importance of health. Likewise with our smoking daily. Aka we feel the loss if we are suffering the effects of smoking. Dangers of smoking to health will be felt if we're too old to smoke. AAPA are the dangers of smoking?

According to research someone who smoked cigarettes every day can increase the risk of cancer of the larynx, lung, esophagus, oral cavity, blood vessel disorders, disorders of pregnancy and heart disease. According to research someone who regularly smoked 3 to 4 cigarettes a day, eight times more at risk for oral cancer than nonsmokers. Even the latest results show that smoking will result in the development of pancreatic cancer.

Each year the frequency of patients with chronic diseases caused by smoking is increasing. Although much research and authentic evidence that smoking is like a time bomb that could damage health. This is because smoking raises the craving. In cigarettes contained a substance called nicotine. This substance may cause effects to relax and this makes it difficult to abandon the smoking habit.

1. Cigarette smoke contains 40 cancer-causing chemicals, and other diseases.
2. When smoked, some chemicals will explore the vital organs of the body.
3. Cigarette smoke also contains carbon monoxide which if inhaled would replace the function of oxygen in cells - blood cells and taking nutrients from the heart, brain and other organs.
4. Nicotine contained in cigarettes. Ngerangsang nicotine chemicals in the brain that cause addiction. This chemical stimulates the adrenal glands to produce hormones that interfere with the heart caused by blood pressure and heart rate increased.

How to quit smoking

Many ways that we can stop smoking. The first and most important stages is the intention of the great and truly want to quit smoking. Impossible without the intention of the person to quit smoking. Many claim to be heavy smokers and acknowledge that they are very great determination to quit smoking. But when they came out and reunited with his friends who smoke, the desire came back. This is why it is the intention and determination of the most important when you want to really quit smoking.

1. A genuine intention to quit smoking.
2. Learn to hate cigarette
3. Mix with people who do not smoke
4. Often go to places that are air-conditioned room
5. Move all items related to smoking.
6. If you want to smoke, wait for another 10 minutes.
7. Tell your friends and the people closest to if we want to stop smoking.
8. Reduce smoking jumplah little by little.
9. Eliminate the habit Bengong or wait.
10. Frequently went to the hospital, in order to know the importance of health.
11. Find a substitute for cigarettes, such as candy or sugar.
12. Try and try again if it still fails.

Before already, let's start stop smoking. many ways that we can stop smoking. But the most important and the main thing is to know the dangers of smoking and intentions with sincerity of heart and try the tips above. If not successful, try again and again.

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