Do You Work in the Wrong Place?

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Provocative questions above I ask in my weekly talk show on SmartFM Network, and in an instant reap a variety of responses. In addition to interaction via phone, there are 50 SMS sent in the event listener that lasted one hour. The result, 28% said they were working in the right places, 30% undecided and 42% said explicitly that they are currently working in the wrong place. But the thing is, they now felt it was stuck and did not know what they can still do.

Small survey I conducted in the course, not scientific because it is not based on proper research rules. However, such a survey could be a sign that many of our professionals who work in the wrong place. Indeed what I get is not much different from scientific research conducted by Kathleen Gage (Workplace Miracles). Gage data obtained were astonishing. He found that 80% of people (in the United States) working in the wrong place.

The good news from this study, if you feel you are in the wrong place, you really are not alone. You have many friends! Your friends and even a lot more than people already working in the right places. So you did not need to be discouraged.

The most important thing to me is the courage to admit that we are working in the wrong place. It was not easy. Ego may very well prevent us to do so. Additionally admit this openly would make you be in a difficult position. If you already know there are in the wrong place, why is it still quiet? Why do not you fix this situation?

However, the answer to that question is very important to us. This is the main indicator of happiness in the workplace. And is not happiness in the workplace is very important and profound role to our success?

From the results of thought and reflection, I formulated five indicators to answer this important question. First, do you feel passionate about your work? This question is can we derive such a small question: Do you feel excited and happy to come to the office? Is when I got home from work you still have energy, and still want to work anymore? If you answered "Yes" to this question, the most important sign that this time you have worked in the right places.

The second indicator, when asked about your job, do you respond with enthusiasm and pride? This seems trivial but it implies a pretty deep. How many people are not proud of the work mereka.Tiadanya pride about your workplace is an indicator that you are working in the wrong place.

The third indicator, whether your job now is to make you better, more intelligent, more knowledgeable, more skilled, more professional? If the answer is "no" there is a chance you're in the wrong place. If you continue to stay in office like that, you actually reduce your selling yourself as a professional.

The fourth question, whether your work environment consists of people who are professionals? Here I distinguish between professional people with good people. A good environment will provide comfort for us, presented us with many friends and companions. But a good environment often make us complacent. To go forward we need a professional environment that may be no fun at all. So the discomfort is actually needed so that we can improve our professionalism.

The fifth indicator, if you earn sufficient income to live comfortably? The issue of salary is actually a very relative thing. In this case I want to say that I do not regard it as something that determines the salary at the beginning of my career.

We look for in a job is a success or happiness is not just money. What does it mean that much money when we have to pay for it with unhappiness? However, if you work with are happy, you do not have to work a single day. You even can not distinguish anymore when you work and when you play. If it is so successful is not already in the grip?

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