Early History of the State Standing Italy

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Early History of the State Standing Italy - Italy is the country including the world's oldest and relics of ancient history there were many people there today disana.Sampai from all over the world come and see the relics of ancient history. Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire a powerful and influential attract thousands to the city and state of the whole empire, including most, Mediterranean North Africa, the mainland United Kingdom (UK) and the Middle East. Merchants and traders came to Italy from different parts of the world. Isles of Capri as become popular in the late 18th and first decades of the 19th century.

Profile of the Italian State
Country name: Republic of Italy
Capital: Rome
Population: 57.4 million inhabitants (2000)
Land area: 301 277 km2 (2.5 times the island of Java), Island
Sicilia 25 707 km2, the island of Sardegna 24 089
National boundaries: North: France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia
West: Sea Tyrhenia
East of the Adriatic
South: Lonia Sea.
Main cities: Milan, Napoli and Torino
Official language: Italian
Ethnic groups: Italian 94%, Sardegna 2.7%, 13.6 Rhaetian, etc.
Another 1.9%
Religion: Roman Catholic 83%, 13.6% non-religious, atheist
1.3%, other 0.6%
National Day: June 2, 1946
National Anthem: Fratelli D 'Italia (Brothers of Italy)
Flag: Green, White, Red (vertical)
Membership of organizations
International: UN NATO, EU, WEU, G7,
Currency: Euro

Italy, located in the southern continent of Europe. The country is a peninsula shaped like boots with two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia. It shares borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Italy is one of the oldest countries in Europe. The country's history can be traced back three thousand years. Not surprisingly, Italy became the roots of European culture, the Etruscan and Roman.

The UN agency which deals Pengetahunan Science and Culture (UNESCO) reported that there were about 41 in the Italian heritage that can be bequeathed to the world. Heritage that spread from the city of Rome to the southern and northern Italy. Heritage is now a major attraction for tourism in this country. Rome, is the silent witness of the past glory of Italy there. According to legend, Rome was built in 753 BC by Romulus, first king of ancient Rome.

The city is very old and classic, because there are many historical relics of ancient Roman buildings here. One is, Circus Maximus was built during King Tarquinius priscus, between the years 616 to 579 BC. In the past, thousands of years ago, in this arena race event held chariot races and gladiator, the most popular entertainment at the time.

For the people of Italy, the Circus Maximus is a symbol of past glory. Here, too, the people of Italy to celebrate their favorite football team that won the world cup. Thousands of people thronged the city of Rome at the time of this field, despite the oppressive temperatures, around 35 degrees Celsius. They welcomed the arrival of the Italian team. Football does have a special place in the hearts of every Italian, so they celebrate events such as grand as possible, beat their national day celebrations.

Italy is a country that can live off the tourism industry. Each year 15 to 20 million tourists visiting here. Usually in the summer, Rome packed with tourists. The number could exceed the population of Rome itself is justri choose a vacation out of town.

In Piazza Navona, for example, tourists can enjoy the works of the painter's hand scratches the street. With tariff rates of 60 to 120 thousand dollars, travelers can get his own portrait in just 10 minutes. Historical buildings in Italy has become a magnet for millions of tourists. In the Piazza di Spagna, tourists usually spend their time, and they do not drain koceknya shop at stores and boutiques in the area that offer products with the brand worldwide.

This is the Colosseo. Or Colosseo Colosseum is one of the landmark monument and a symbol of the city of Rome. Rome is always identical to this building. This is where gladiators were often held, that the battle between humans against humans, animals or humans. The building is a witness of thousands of human lives who died in battle in this arena.

Colosseo is very majestic, and curious people to see more in-depth history of this building. In the summer, thousands of tourists willing to queue for hours to see this monument. Colloseo Before entering, visitors are treated to sights gladiators. Once a photo with this gladiator-charge of five euros, equivalent to 60 thousand dollars. Colosseo is a huge amphitheater built in 72 AD, by Vespasiano, and completed by his son, Titus, eight years later.

Construction of Jewish prisoners Colosseo harness. Colosseo is elliptical, with the longest measuring 187 meters, while the shortest is 155 yards. Height reaches 50 meters, and can accommodate 80 thousand spectators. Colosseo initially serves as a great stadium to entertain the people with the spectacle of the circus.

One hundred and fifty kilometers south of Rome, there is a famous historical site called Pompeii. Pompeii is a city buried by volcanic ash of Vesuvius on August 24, year 79. Porta Marina or sea gate was the forerunner of the city of Pompeii. This gate is a former trading city. The traces were still visible on the Via Della Marina. Passing vehicles transporting goods from the port, at that time through this narrow road.

Basilica, is the most striking buildings in Pompeii. Basilica, is an architectural masterpiece with a touch of high art. Now the only part remaining pillars and stands. This stands in those days used for court and trading activities. The experts had long argued for concluding, that the formerly roofed Basilica. And of painting the roof, ensure that the Basilica was built around the year 120 BC.

At that time, they've been thinking about building a special way for humans, animals, and vehicles. Building of worship, political and economic activities, well ordered, with due regard to the high aesthetic value. Visitors take hours to browse through this ghost town. Pompeii could provide important lessons for the present, how should the city build a well, the city is not only extol the building alone, but also pay attention to the space for people to actualize.

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