Exercise the right way to lose weight

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Exercise the right way to lose weight
If you have excess body fat or fat. there is one way to lose weight. the average person's fat. initially happy eating, stress the mind, and never exercise so the body does not move and sweat. Cardiovascular exercise, or exercise that stimulate the heart rate, respiration and blood vessels is one effective way if you want to lose weight. Quoted from Livestrong, you should exercise at least 45 minutes, six days a week (for optimal results). Appropriate training will result in a more beautiful body and shape, as well as burn excess calories and fat. What are effective cardiovascular exercise to lose weight? Here are the types.

1. Run
Running is one of the best cardiovascular activity to lose weight. People with 68 kg body weight can burn 893 calories per hour by running eight minutes per mile. While running for 10 minutes per mile can burn about 731 calories. But the track is not necessarily suitable for everyone, especially those who have problems of disorientation and is sensitive to harder sporting activities.

2. Aerobics
This exercise is also effective to lose weight because it can burn excess calories as well as beautify the shape hips and thighs. People with 68 kg body weight can burn about 357 calories through aerobic exercise for one hour. But the results can differ, depending on how high the activities you do when aerobics.

3. Bicycle
Those weighing 68 kg can burn between 560 to 850 calories per hour, with cycling about 15 to 18 miles per hour. Cycling is a sport to lose weight that almost everyone can do as little likely to cause injury to the muscles. Cycling can be done alone or in groups. Hold a small race around the streets surrounding the complex to further the spirit of cycling activities.

4. Swim
Swimming is also one effective exercise to burn calories, and less likely to cause injury to the hinge. Water sports are also very good for the whole body as it makes nearly all the muscles of the body work while swimming. Those weighing 70 kg can burn between 497 and 523 calories, depending on the style and speed pool.

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