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a. Definition of Family

The family is the smallest unit of society consisting of heads of household and some people who collected and live somewhere under a roof in a state of mutual dependence.

According Salvicion and Celis (1998) in a family there are two or more than two persons are joined by blood, marriage or relationships appointment, at his life in a single household, interacting with each other and in their respective roles, and creating and maintaining a culture.

b. Type of Family

There are several types of families, namely: nuclear family consisting of husband, wife, and child or children, a family consisting of a pair konjugal adults (mothers and fathers) and their children, where there is interaction with the relatives of one of the or two of the parents. [4]: ​​In addition there is also a spacious family are drawn on the basis of lineage in the original family. [5] This broad family includes the relationship between uncle, aunt, family grandfather, grandmother and family.

c. Role of Family

The role of the family describe a set of interpersonal behaviors, traits, activities related to the position and personal circumstances. Personal role within the family based on the expectations and behavior patterns of families, groups and communities. Contained various roles in the family are as follows:

Father as the husband of his wife and children, acting as breadwinner, educators, protectors and providers of security, as the head of the family, as a member of the social group as well as members of the social group as well as members of the environmental community.

As a wife and mother of his children, the mother has to take care of the household role as caregivers and educators of their children, and as a protector of the role of social groups as well as members of the public from the environment, but it is also the mother can act as breadwinners additional family. Children perform in accordance with the role psikosial development of physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

d. Duties family

Basically there are eight family duties the following main tasks:

• Maintenance of the physical family and its members.
• Maintenance of the resources that exist in the family.
• The division of tasks to each member according to their respective position.
• Socialization between family members.
• Setting the number of family members.
• Maintenance of public order family members.
• Placement of family members in the wider community.
• Generating encouragement and enthusiasm of its members.

e. Family Function

The family-run function is:

1. Functions of Education views of how to educate families and send their children to prepare for adulthood and the future of the child.
2. The function of socialization of the child views of how families prepare children to become good members of society.
3. Protection Functions views of how families protect children so that family members feel protected and feel safe.
4. Feeling function seen from how families instuitif feeling and atmosphere of the child and other members to communicate and interact among fellow members of the family. So the mutual understanding of each other in fostering harmony in the family.
5. Function of Religious views of how families are introduced and took the child and other family members through family head instill beliefs that govern life and the life after the world.
6. Economic Function views of how the head of the family to earn a living, manage earnings in a way that can satisfy the needs rkebutuhan family.
7. Recreational function seen from how to create a pleasant atmosphere in the family, such as watching TV shows together, talk about their experiences, and more.
8. Biological Functions views of how families pass on offspring as the next generation.
9. Give love, attention, and a sense of security among families, and promote maturation personalities of family members.

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