Game based Physical Science Education

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Game based Physical Science Education
So far I have not been talking about the game, because usually computer games often cause users to lose track of time and a lot of wasted time. But yesterday when my wife wrote about an educational game, and saw the brothers (still at the primary) to run it, a direct interest arises. Games are based on the laws of physics, particularly gravitation and match styles performed since elementary school children to adults.

Crayon Physics, a simple 2D game, featured with simple pictures of crayons. For the first time he saw may not be of interest arise, because usually only the children who love to play crayon. But beyond the simple display, in addition to appealing to the play, we will be invited to think and solve existing problems.

2D games are based on simple physical laws, namely gravity. The ultimate goal is about the star image with a ball that has been provided. For the stars, we can draw objects such as lines, boxes, stones, chains, boards and so on. Because the ball is limited movement (straight or falling down according to gravity), then we must think how to keep the ball can get to the star image.

Players can develop by making objects to move the ball. For example, by making a simple lever, drop the rock / box, make a winding rope, make a swing object to hit the ball and so on.

All objects drawn will fall and fall will look natural, like really no force of gravity. not only that, all the objects that we image will interact with objects around him, according to the force of gravity. Making a program like this would require knowledge / good physics. This game before a winner in the Independent Games Festival 2008.

Freweware lovers, maybe a little bit disappointed, because this game is not free, sold for $ 19.95 (about 190ribu). But because it was one year old, we can get this game full version at any price we want until the date of January 15, 2010 (author termed the Game Buy Pay what you want). So even though we pay the $ 0.1 (100 dollars if we have the heart ..), $ 1 or $ 5 we can get this game. Payments are made by Paypal. Purchases can be made from

For those of you who do not have the funds (in the paypal account), would like to try, or not able to get cheap promotion date above, can download the demo version that can be played up to level 2 (there are about 18 levels that can be executed) Download the DEMO (about 24 MB ). For the full version you can run around the 80 level. In game editor is also provided, so users can create a level or game with their own difficulty level.

If you have a son or daughter who frequently use the computer, there is no harm in giving this game, to invite them to think and develop the ability berfikirnya.

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