Goodness or interests

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The old woman was enjoying the food when I was standing not far from it. He looked around and realized that I was looking for a place in the restaurant to enjoy a meal with family. She knew that I had difficulty finding a place for the five of us. He smiled at me and said in a language I do not understand - at that time our family was in Hong Kong - let me sit down, then bring your own tray and move to another seat, which only has two seats not far from there. I smiled, nodded his head as he thanked him.

Dear readers, the events were indeed very simple, but there are important lessons that we can take in it: the good. The old woman was being sincere and good practice unconditionally to strangers.

Indeed, I often experienced a similar experience in a variety of eating places in Jakarta. When the weekend, shopping malls and crowded with visitors and one of the difficulties that often I had was when will enjoy a meal at a restaurant or food court. Often I find the whole place filled, but I've yet to find anyone willing to move to a seat with fewer seats to provide opportunities for a larger group sitting there. The more often I have experienced it are the people who actually realize that there are other families who were waiting and standing near them, but instead to linger to chat when they're done enjoying the food. In fact, some of them had time to glance at us who stood not far from them while continuing their conversation as if it did not look at our stand.

Dear readers, the good is something that is not easy. Most of us do good when it has an interest. We're doing good when in need of help from others. We do well when expecting something bigger. We do not do good to people when we do not have an interest in them. If so, does good deeds is really a good deed?

This is where the real difference between good and interests. Good people always do good to anyone regardless of the context and the interests of any kind. But when the good is not done consistently, it is called with interest. We do good on certain people but not doing good in other people. It is of interest. Thus, the definition of interest is the good that is not consistent.

Interest has now become a buzzword in business and politics. There is almost no business that is run without interest. In politics, much less. Is not that well known in political jargon is "Nothing is eternal enemy, there is no true friend. There is only eternal interests "?

Interest has thus become God, something that people have been pursued. And when life solely in the interest, we are really no different from animals. In the interest of no good, nothing spirituality. Everything comes and focus on yourself. This of course reduces the essence of our humanity from spiritual beings to be physical beings. So, no wonder that we are called as economic animals, political animals, and so forth.

There are several differences between the good and interest. First, the good is actually a gift of love, while the interest is a gift that is based on a desire to get even more. When we give out of love, we will do the same for everyone. But if we give on the basis of interest, we will differentiate our treatment to one person with another person. To people who could potentially benefit a lot, we will provide the best for them, but not so our treatment to people who do not tend to favor us in the future.

Thus, the focus of interest is really just our own, while the focus of the goodness is in the interests of others. And herein lies its beauty, when we serve others with sincerity, we actually own is a beautiful service that can not be expressed in words the most sophisticated.

Second, for those who either apply the formula "to defeat the interests of good", while for those who apply the formula transactional paradigm "to defeat the interests of good". A good man will do good to anyone, including to people who are not potentially provide benefit or cause harm to him. When done well, he did not pick and choose someone else to use the glasses of interest, because for him to do good is the embodiment of love of neighbor. Therefore, he is also doing good to people who have a weaker position than himself, to those who are under his control.

Third, the characteristics of good people doing good is spontaneously without thinking too much. Spontaneous that I do not mean in the context of a reactive behavior, but who always puts the good behavior in the form of a spontaneous action and selfless. This is different from people who think interest. In doing the good they can not be spontaneous, but had to think about it, and calculate the benefits and costs, advantages and disadvantages.
By the way, if you are a spontaneous person when doing good?

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