History of Basketball

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History of Basketball
Basketball is considered as a unique sport because it was created by accident by a PE teacher. In 1891, Dr. James Naismith., A sports teacher from Indonesia who teaches at a college for professional students at the YMCA (a Christian youth container) in Springfield, Massachusetts, had to make a game in an enclosed space to fill time students during winter break New England.Terinspirasi of the game he ever played as a child in Ontario, Naismith invented the game now known as a basketball on December 15, 1891.

According to the story, after rejecting several ideas being considered too hard and not suitable to be played at the arena, covered arena, he then wrote a few basic rules, put a basket on the wall of the gym, and asked his students to start playing the game of his creation.

Match the first official basketball, held on January 20, 1892 in the workplace Dr. James Naismith. "Basket ball" (a term for this sport in English), is a name that was initiated by one of his students. This sport became immediately famous throughout the United States. Fanatical fans are placed in all branches of the YMCA in the United States. Game by game immediately implemented in cities throughout the state of the United States.
At first, each team of nine people and no dribble, so the ball can only move through the pass (throw). History of basketball game rules starting from the 13 basic rules written by James Naismith. The basic rule is as follows.

1. The ball can be thrown in any direction by using one or both hands.
2. The ball can be hit in any direction by using one or both hands, but must not use the beaten fist (punching).
3. Players are not allowed to run while holding the ball. Players must throw the ball from the point where receiving the ball, but is allowed if the player is running at normal speed.

4. The ball must be held within or between your palms. Arms or other limbs are not allowed to hold the ball.
5. Players are not allowed to plow, holding, pushing, hitting, or tackle an opponent in some way. The first violation of this rule will be counted as an error, a second violation will be sanctioned by disqualification offenders player to the basket ball team entered by the opponent, and if the offense is committed with intent to injure the opponent, then the player will be punished offenders should not come into play throughout the game . At this time, substitutions are not allowed.

6. A mistake was made when a player hits the ball with his hand (fist), violating the rules 3 and 4, and breaking things mentioned in rule 5.

7. If either party made three consecutive errors, the error will be counted as a goal for the opponents (consecutive means without the offense behind the opponent).

8. Goal occurs when the ball is thrown or beaten from the field into the basket, in which case the player guarding the basket does not touch or disturb the goal. When the ball stopped on the edge of an opposing player moves a basket or cart, then it will not count as a goal.

9. If the ball out of the action, the ball will be thrown back in and played by the first player to touch it. In the event of disagreement about the possession of the ball, then wasitlah who will throw it into the field. Pitchers were given 5 seconds to throw the ball in his hands. When he held for longer than that time, the possession of the ball will move. If one party can do to delay the game, then the referee can give them a warning violation.

10. The referee has the right to pay attention to the players and the game records the number of violations and told assistant referee in case of violation in a row. The referee has the right to disqualify any player who commits an offense in accordance with Rule 5.

11. Assistant referee noticed the ball and make decisions when the ball is deemed to have off the field, the change of possession, as well as the counting time. Assistant referee has the right to determine the legitimacy of the goals and count the number of goals happen.

12. When the game is 4 quarters each 10 minutes
13. Parties managed to enter the most goals will be declared the winner.

Basketball games have been very popular since it was first developed and introduced by James Naismith. One development is the creation of motion slam dunk or menombok, the motion to include basketball and melesakan directly into the basket to do acrobatics with a tremendous force.

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