History of Bing Search Engine

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History of Bing Search Engine
Microsoft has produced three search engines before Bing, the MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search. But unfortunately, according to Microsoft, the performance of the three search engines are less than the maximum in attracting users that have not been able to shift the position of Google Search as the ruler of the world's Internet search engine. The third failure before Bing is a search engine, not discourage Microsoft to constantly innovate by trying to evaluate and analyze the weaknesses that exist in the third before Bing is a search engine. In addition, Microsoft is also analyzed weaknesses are owned by rival search engines, especially Google Search and Yahoo Search. After going through all forms of business above, Microsoft is trying to improve and apply the latest search engine product, the Bing. Bing in principle the creation of history is inseparable from the three previous Microsoft search engine production. Historically it can be argued that the creation of Bing starts from MSN Search to Windows Live Search and Live Search. The Chronological Bing formation can be explained as follows:

MSN Search

This search engine is the first search engine created by Microsoft and was first launched in 1998. MSN Search consists of a machine, index, and the web crawler. Since its launch, the search engines is growing and experiencing improvements. On November 2004, Microsoft to upgrade to this search engine to work with special Picsearch image search results to display.

Windows Live Search

Development of MSN Search is not yet able to shift the dominance of Google Search. Starting from this failure to present Microsoft's new search engine, the Windows Live Search, on September 11, 2006. This search engine has the ability to search for more specific information in the form of websites, news, pictures, and music, as well as others.

Live Search

Development continues to result in a decision made by Microsoft to separate search engines with Windows Live. Eventually Microsoft changed the name of its search engine to Live Search, which later consolidated with Microsoft adCenter. This reorganization is conducted, leading to many changes in policy, for example, stopping a few products such as Windows Live Expo, Live Search Macros, and so forth. Changes continue to do this Microsoft has yet to bear fruit. Microsoft is aware that the use of the brand name for the search engines is essential. Finally, to create a new identity, Microsoft presents a new search engine on June 3, 2009, which was named Bing, to all Internet users in the world.


Bing is expected to be able to search engines are the most reliable in finding a variety of information, so as to shift the dominance of Google Search. Expectations are realized through features built into Bing. Some of the features that make Bing able to shift predicted the existence of Google search, among others:

1. Best Match
This feature is able to display relevant search results according to the keywords entered. The most relevant links will be displayed at the top of the list or search hail list. This feature allows the user to obtain the corresponding search results accompanied by a similar site links.

2. Interface Features
This interface feature that will display the background image kept changing every day. Displayed image is a unique picture of the whole world. Background image is displayed is also provided with information regarding the image. Background images in this search engine is flexible, meaning that can be enabled and disabled. On the search result interface, displaying the results of the navigation panel on the left sidebar, and the preview on the right side of search results related (Related Searches).

3. Media Features
This feature allows users to search for images and video you want. This search results page will display all search results in thumbnail form on one page, so users do not need to switch to the next pages take a long time. To play a video, users do not need to click the video thumbnail, but just simply point the mouse cursor on any video thumbnail.

4. Instant Answers
This feature allows the user to obtain precise and accurate information. Bing also can function as a calculator that functions as a calculating machine. This feature also can be used to determine stock prices, air fares, flight schedules, shipments by certain companies, traffic information, restaurant reviews, dictionary, and so forth.

5. Bing Maps
Bing Maps features in a virtual earth, meaning that this feature allows the user to be able to know the location of various regions of various countries in the world. In addition, this feature can also serve as a guide while making the trip out of town or overseas.

6. Bing Travel
This feature shows the budget plan to travel from transport, hotels, rental cars, and so forth.


As for the advantages possessed by Bing, among others:

1. Background image is varied
When accessing the front page of the site on different days the background image will be used alternately.

2. Facilities Instant Answers
This facility is one of innovation performance is successfully developed and integrated into a system that enables Bing giving out the answer. In addition, another performance by Bing is owned by its ability to interpret a sentence in question even down to the things that berkaiatan with problems in mathematics or a count.

3. Search results, or video image can be displayed and screened in detail
If the user makes a living site or web page that contains image content, then Bing able to present a specific list of search results and detail. Search results are displayed in thumbnail form that can be enlarged or reduced with the use of facilities such as Zoom, Zoom is subdivided into small, medium Zoom, Zoom large, and accompanied by Show image details. This image shows details in the present work the thumbnail image and information about the image.

4. Detail box on the search result link
If on the websites of other search engines, users must click a link that is displayed on that page to find out its contents. However, in this Bing, users do not need to click the link again, but just need to hover on the link to display the detail. Through the box the user can listen to this detail at a glance information about the link.

5. Bing Maps display more interactive
Bing Maps has a fast loading access. In addition users can also change the representation of geographical maps in a variety of fashion looks. Bing Maps can also allow users to display some of the area or areas in three dimensions.

6. Searches Related Facilities
Intelligence retrieval system owned by Bing indicated by not only displaying a list of websites, web pages, and links related to the keywords entered. However, users also will find a wide selection as well as alternatives that can be selected via the sidebar Related Searches. The purpose of this feature to enrich the search performed.

7. Smart Video preview facility
Speed ​​of access and loading it into the special advantages possessed by Bing, even though for the content of video files. Microsoft as the developer of this site emphasizes that users only need wait no longer than 30 seconds to be able to preview the a tanyangan through Bing Videos. Speed ​​buffering system that is integrated into the directory Bing Videos able to play a video in a flash just by pointing the cursor to the desired video player box.

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