History of Internet

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History of the Internet, is inseparable from the success of ongoing research kegiataan by experts who are committed to the development of communication infrastrukstur, so for you, berterimaksihlah to scientists who have developed up to the onset of the internet you're using now.

Origins of the Internet

History of the Internet stems from a memo written by JCR Licklider of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in August 1962 that tells his dream about the concept of a "Galactic Network", he dreamed of computer networks, linked globally throughout the world, so that everyone can access it. The concept was a picture of today's internet.

Licklider was the first to make the head of DARPA project that began in 1962. While working for DARPA, he managed to convince his successors Ivan Sutherland, Bob Taylor, and other MIT researchers, Lawrence G Roberts of the importance of the concept of this computer network.

Development of Internet infrastructure increasingly developed when a man named Leonard Kleinrockdari MIT publishes his paper on the theory of switching packer in 1961, he assured Roberts that the packer switching theory more feasible than the use of electronic circuits.

For mengeksplorasikannya, in 1965, Roberts worked with Thomas Merrill connected the TX-2 computer located in Massachusetts with Q-32 computer located in California using a telephone cable with dial-up connection. Although the speed is very small, but this is an example of a WAN (wide area network), the first in the World.

History of the Internet and then expand again in 1966, re Robets involved in DARPA project to develop the concept of computer network, and prepare a prototype called "ARPANET", which was released in 1967. ARPANET was the beginning of the internet with a fairly large scale.

Then in October 1972, ARPANET was demonstrated successfully at the International Computer Communication Conference (ICC). This is the first public demonstration of the new technology introduced to the public. And then in the years 1972, introduced and developed email facilities to date.
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