History of the Ninja

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History of the Ninja
Shinobi or Ninja (in Japanese: 忍者, literally, "A person who is engaged in secret") is an assassin trained in the art of ninjutsu (roughly the art of silent movement) of Japan. Ninja, like samurai, comply with their own distinctive, called ninpo. According to some observers ninjutsu, the skill of a ninja is not murder but an intrusion. Thus, the specialty of a ninja is infiltrated with or without sound. At present, ninja such as legends, such as a revered figure, appearing in games and cartoons of children, as well as the genre of martial arts action movie.

Ninja usually be associated with a skilled martial figure, a mysterious and all-round infiltrate as seen in the movie or manga. In fact, the appearance of an all-black ninja is true, but if it was thought that the ninja is identical to the brutal killer, cold-blooded, trouble makers, carpenters sabotage, not so. The word ninja is formed from two words namely nin and sha, each of which the meaning is hidden and people. So the ninja is a professional spy on the Japanese feudal era. History of the ninja is also very difficult to trace. Info about where they are stored in the meetings of secret documents.

Ninja can also be interpreted as the name given to a person who mastered and studied martial arts ninjutsu. Means of defense and Nin jutsu is the art or way. The word is also taken from the word ninja ninpo. Po means a philosophy of life or in other words ninpo is the highest philosophy of martial arts ninjutsu which the life of a ninja. So the ninja will always be vigilant and Integrate the principles of ninpo.

Ninja dalah profesionl spies at a time when the samurai still holds ultimate power in the Japanese government in the 12th century. In the 14th century struggle for power heats up, and information about the activities of opposing forces become important, and the ninja became more active. The ninja was called by the daimyo to gather information, undermine and destroy the armory or the storehouse of food, as well as to lead the army's raid on the night hari.karena latiham get special ninja. Ninja remained active until the Edo Period (1600-1868), in which power ultimately be addressed by the government at the time of edo

Ninjutsu martial arts movement is only a kick, throw, fault, and attack. Then fitted with a self-defense techniques such as slamming, rolling and auxiliary techniques such as escape, sediment, and other special techniques. However, in practice ninja avoid direct contact with his opponent, thus throwing a variety of tools, recoil, shoot, and the disguise is more often used. In contrast to other martial arts. Ninjutsu techniques taught espionage, sabotage, paralyzing the opponent, and knocked the opponent. Science is used to protect their ninja family. What does the ninja is difficult to understand.

On the one hand have to fight to protect, on the other side of the ninja must apply the "cruel and devious behavior" when using the moment to face the opponent. On the other hand ninpo teachings instruct that one goal is to enable ninjutsu their sixth sense. blend of intuition and physical strength in the long term allows the ninja to activate the sixth sense. So get to know other people well and understand the various problems in different disciplines

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