History or Badminton Badminton

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Battledore and shuttlecock game in 1854

History or Badminton Badminton

The sport is played with rackets and really, probably evolved in ancient Egypt around 2000 years ago but it has also been mentioned in the People's Republic of India and is expected Cina.Nenek terdininya is an ancestor of the Chinese game, which involves the use of kok Jianzi but without rackets. Instead, the object being manipulated by the foot. Object / mission of the game is to keep the order really does not touch the ground as long as possible without using hands.

In England since medieval times a children's game called Shuttlecocks Battledores and extremely popular. The children at the time it normally would use a paddle / cane (Battledores) and scheming together to keep really still in the air and prevent it from touching the ground. It was popular enough to be a nuisance in the streets of London in 1854 when the magazine Punch published this cartoon. The British took the game to Japan, the People's Republic of China, and Siam (now Thailand) as they colonized Asia. It then quickly became a game of children in their local area.

Competitive sport of badminton is created by British Army officers in Pune, India in the 19th century when they added a net and play them in competition. Thus the city of Pune earlier known as Poona, the game is also known as Poona at that time.

The soldiers brought the game back to England in the 1850s. The sport got its current name in 1860 in a pamphlet by Isaac Spratt, a British toy dealer, entitled "Badminton Battledore - a new game" ("Badminton Battledore - a new game"). It described the game as played at Badminton House (Badminton House), Duke of Beaufort's estate in Gloucestershire, England.

Loop of the first rules written by the Bath Badminton Club in 1877. Badminton Association of England was formed in 1893 and the first international championship was first-gear marched in 1899 with the All England Championships. Badminton became a popular sport in the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia region, which currently dominates the sport, and in Scandinavian countries.


International Badminton Federation (IBF) was founded in 1934 and recorded the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and France as members of the vanguard. India joined as an affiliate in 1936. In the IBF Extraordinary General Meeting in Madrid, Spain, September 2006, a proposal to rename the International Badminton Federation to Badminton World Federation (BWF) was accepted unanimously by all 206 delegates present. The sport is a sport the Summer Olympics in Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Indonesia and South Korea are both getting their two gold medals that year.

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