How to Display Photos Profile on page Search Engine Google

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How to Display Photos Profile on page Search Engine Google
How to Display Google Search Engine Poto yard. We often see that when our article appeared on google search engine is an honor for us, but we must be more proud if the article is displayed along with the photograph google profile us a fairly good-looking, he .. he .., As this next photograph. how interested are not.

I was initially difficult for him, after I searched and found the article o-om. com, then I tried it, but it is not appropriate because of the mistakes I did. learn from mistakes and try several times, I finally managed well. oya for friends who want to be like my blog, here's how:

1. Make a New Post, could be in Static Page or Post as when we want to make article. Then write the title of the post with the title About Me or my friend is up, the important Postings shall contain the contents of my friend. if you do not understand, my friend can see my About Me have.
    2. Then my friend made ​​a link that leads to a Google Profile URL Plus my friend. Add sebuat Tag is rel = "me" in the link that my friend made. Tag rel = "me" is only one, not two or three tags. As for the code like this <a href="" rel="me"> Ibrahim Lubis </ a>. Pal can see in the image below.

      How to Display Photos Profile on page Search Engine Google
      3. Then Buddy Make as complete biographical data. and Publish.

      4. After that, Post Links About Me or article headline about a new pal pal of data created in any of your desired, an important link About Me is related to the whole article my friend. Put my friend can link in the sidebar, the main menu, Footer or friend can make your own widgets. if my friend was confused my friend can check mine. I put the link in the Sidebar. see my blog page, it will find a writing buddy and see About Me link that leads her to a Post About Biodata me.
        Do not forget, in making his friend Link to write the following code <a href="http://www.Your" rel="author"> About me </ a>. the red color of my friend have to write the code or your URL about me that my friend saw.
        5. Then please go to our friend Google Profile Plus Friend, Then Click on Edit Profile, then please go to Other Profiles page, and enter Address Link "About Me" Make a friend's. Got a pal like me could do. See the picture Below. Also Do not Forget to Enter the URL of the Main pal Buddy, like I am the Paper Entitled Athletics. 
          How to Display Photos Profile on page Search Engine Google
          6. Then Create A Google Profile Links Link Plus my friend and my friend Put On Main blog buddy, buddy Can Put On the Sidebar, Footer, or in which Only Want A Buddy. If I'm Putting it in the Footer. Buddy Can See In Posts In Google Plus my blog. Writing on Google Plus, I Embed Links to Google Plus I Lead. see here and look down.

          7. Last step is to make the name of Buddy Lists and Writing a Valid Email a friend. as I made ​​below.
            Good luck, if something goes wrong, do not ya sob in despair, because I've experienced it, I created this article based on my experience after seeing a blog that discusses How to Display Google Search Engine Poto yard. criticism and suggestions please Buddy Pour in Forum Comments.

            sources of Information: Aneka Ragam Makalah

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