Human origins

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Concerning the origin of man is often discussed by several experts. They studied the origin of man from several viewpoints. Whether science or science scientifically magical or spiritual in nature. Human origin is a mystery story in terms of any kind. How not to talk about human origins, whereas human presence alone is a miracle of nature is very large.

The world is full of mysteries, one of them the story of human origins, and it is a mystery amount of life in this world. One theory is that the origin of the human animal actually kind of ape. That stance was believed to be some time, and believed very broad, although many are against it.

The discovery results fossil remains of early humans who tend to be more emphasized ape theory. Opinion was believed for a long time. But then it was a cause of speculation among researchers. The existence of this theory is still continues to be a fun topic for researchers.

The theory of human origins of the most famous was presented by Darwin. Then followed with the findings of other researchers. In science, a theory of human origins suggests also known as the theory of evolution.

In the story of human origins, Indonesia also proved to have a considerable share. Some early human fossils found in the area studied Indonesia. You may remember the name Homo Wajakensis. That is, figure hominid fossils found in the area Wajak.

In fact, long before the evolutionary theories that have sprung up, long before researchers began to "think", the mystery of the origin of man is blowing. In Islam, tells the story of human origins means talking about the story of Adam and Eve.

The origin of man as a subject that is never exhausted discussed. This is the most essential, long before any subject on this earth are discussed. Long before the subject of natural science, space, and the universe and become a topic of discussion for all mankind.

Who is that man? How does the story of human origins? Previously, when the Greek philosophers busy looking where it came from anything, including the earth, there came a man named Socrates. Socrates said, "Know yourself before you understand the other." Socrates actually want to engage them to think and know yourself, that as a human being. When Al-Quran came to mankind, an explanation of the human span the 'hierarchy later in more detail.

a. The Origin of Man - According to Islamic Teachings

The views or opinions about the origin of man is manifold. One is the story of human origins of Islamic sciences glasses. It was all religions have the same view of the creation of man. That man is God's creation. From the view of our religion more satisfying because getting the information, the source used is from the creator of man himself.

In Al-Quran Surat As-Sajdah verse 7 is mentioned briefly about human origins, "What makes something that He made the best and He began the creation of man from clay." In the next paragraph also mentioned, "And indeed We created man (Adam) from sounding clay (derived) from black mud formed." (Surat al-Hijr: 26). So, in the Al-Quran dikemukanan unequivocally that Adam was the first man created by Allah.

When Allah SWT. plan the creation of man, when God began to create a "story" about the origin of man, the angel Gabriel as concerned fearing man would do mischief on earth. In the Quran, the incident immortalized, ".. And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels, 'Behold, I will create a man from dried clay (derived) from black mud form. Then, if I have perfected it happened, and the spirit was breathed into it (creation)-Me, ye submit yourselves to him by prostrating "(Surat al-Hijr: 28-29).

Word that makes the angels prostrate to man, while the devil remains in pride by not carrying out the word of God.

b. Creation and Human Origins

How did God create man from clay that? Is it true that the Qur'an human origins is the land? Another verse mentions based process that goes from the ground to the man, "And indeed We have created man from a quintessence (derived) from the ground. Then We placed him semen (stored) in a solid (womb) . semen Then We made a clot of blood, then blood clot we made a lump of flesh, and We made a lump of flesh bones, then We wrap the bones with flesh. Kamudian, We made him a creature that (form) else. then , MahaSucilah God, Creator of The Most Good. " (Q.S. Al Mu'minuun: 12-14).

If you want to examine and understand further, God's word has a special meaning that will be associated with the story of human origins. Mentioned in the Quran that man was created from the essence. Quintessence of the "ingredients" for the human form is essentially a human process in managing natural resources.

What we ate all of it comes from nature and stuck in the ground. We eat rice (rice), vegetables, fruits, is the material growth process besal activity of the soil. Food ingredients that is every day we consume into energy or energy to perform daily activities. There was the quintessence from the ground which is very useful for the human body. No wonder if the doctors advise us to consume lots of fruits and vegetables because it contains the essence of which is very useful for the human body. It is clear that human origins are from the land actually is true.

If related to the scientific, the origin of man goes into the process of reproduction. Rahim is a "seed" saved man. Until, in the end becomes a clot of blood, and God formed him. Science and technology has Unmasked (what happens in the womb) so that we are able to understand it. Al-Quran itself long before science and technology it appears already translate it in detail. "Book (the Qur'an) is no doubt a guidance for those who fear Allah (ie) those who believe in the Unseen" (Surat al-Baqara: 2-3)

c. Human Origins in the teachings of Islam and the Moral

In the verses of Al-Quran above are also in the process of human origins, there is some form of moral lessons that we can take, including:

God is the only one created Essential Essence Which man. He created man and He hath power over all the people in this world. He knows what is done by humans.

Man has been raised in rank by Allah. until all the angels were ordered to prostrate. But, unfortunately, after the man was walking on the earth they even rank themselves humble before God in a way it would not submit and join Him. So, people who will be caught up in rank is the man who fear Him.

Nature that we live in contains a lot of energy we need to sustain life. Quintessence we take from nature has been "made" our presence in this world. We are healthy because when we are in the womb, our mothers consume nectars presented by nature. That is why we must always keep this nature and not do damage.

God is a God of much of the doubt. Precious She means sacred of all human prejudices and doubts. He is exalted above all created by human allies.

What we get from this revelation description may be more truth than believe itâ human research is very likely inaccurate. Besides keprcayaan right will lead to the degree ita good faith, untainted by human thought if not in harmony with the essential information resources. Thereby I hope this discussion can be a useful and valuable guidance to know ourselves. By knowing ourselves we will know God, and free of errors that warped view.

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