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"Not everyone can live without applause but everyone can live to give applause" Without applause for some people, especially executives, are suffering. Because, often connoted applause in appreciation. Applause is a recognition of the achievements of outstanding performance. Applause is a symbol of success. Kegempitaan the applause is a symbol of appreciation from around the achievement of the giver felt applause. Therefore, living in silence - no applause from the people around - is a horror that was experienced by many people want.

So powerful was the influence of the applause was so many people looking for applause as the top priority in every action and activity. Applause is a key performance indicator that is visible is considered as the actual size. When the applause orientation has become the focus, then people, especially officials, will justify any means to get applause at any price and any way.

Orientation in such a strong will shine in a very subtle behavior, so the result would defeat the process. Truth and goodness to the general public was defeated by personal popularity and his organization. Fame beat the mission. If you like this, life becomes biased. Spotlights and stage a dream. Without the bright lights and applause of life becomes tasteless.

We enjoyed the show the applause-hungry people everywhere. In electronic media, we see the reality show that is not less than contest or Indonesia Indonesian Idol Talent Search would occur among the elite who should defend the lower classes.

Representatives in the Senayan very fond to be popular for a trivial thing, but did not dare to act controversial for a very important thing. Many cases are revealed by the great, the debate has been more than merit, but ultimately led to the compromise that is not clear. "Silent is golden" he said to the essential as a matter of religious rights abuses by the closure of places of worship, but "noisy is diamond" for the little things that could bring fame.

The nation's leaders from the central to local level are busy looking for projects to benefit the next election without thinking of the sacrifices that should be done today for the future. Not dare to break the deadlock of land acquisition with a firm policy for the next five years the infrastructure has been built. Not dare to act as a sower of seeds and cook in the kitchen. Everybody wants to be a picker and the carrier tray. Seizure occurs who will cut the ribbon and sign the inscription. As a result, wheel-oriented development is very short-term results. Never mind the 25-year development plan, ten years have been considered just nonsense discourse.

The company officials proudly seremonia advertisements and advertorial in electronic media which sometimes commensurate with program costs that are packaged as corporate social responsibility. Endeavor gets applause on the world stage as a green corporation when the mining and agricultural practices make miserable nature. Provide social assistance to victims of catastrophic nature with a spectacular number that deserves a MURI record when employees who work hard everyday to collect pennies for the penny of income did not get a decent pay and benefits. Fame outside, but inside the heart. Applause outside, but the pat on the chest. It is ironic.

The question is whether the world is very materialistic and glorifies fame with all kinds of idol contest is still capable of leaving a man of rare species that live in orientation without applause?

Apparently, there are still many people who can live without or do not seek applause applause as its main focus. Gandhi, for example, a character who works without thinking of applause for him from India can be a developed country. When India is now able to support BRIC, the applause of the international community in particular will be focused on the foundations of Gandhi who brought India independence.

Gus Dur is recognized as the father of the nation not because of his desire to be the father of the nation, but because of his great work of respected friends and enemies. That he was often called controversial because he refused in line with the mainstream that does not give serious benefits to the spirit of unity, pluralism and nationalism. He was against anyone who would handcuff pluralism. He defends the little guy, this is different from many leaders who just love to buy a great man. He dared to go against the flow to just a reminder that this nation needs new thinking.

William Soeryadjaya Astra surprise him his escape only to save the customer of Bank Summa. This step makes the people around her chest pat who do not want him to sell the company he founded from scratch. Bergempita applause from all customers of Bank Summa when convinced that their money will be returned. Uncle William has carved a new history that is the essence of responsibility that should not be defeated by material possessions.

Being human is not thirsty applause makes life easier. More comfortable and flowing. Activity based on the mission and principles. Silence makes people happy smile when he saw his happiness of others. Activity enlighten the minds of others. Greeting others make more meaningful rather than himself. If you have this, just a matter of time to be received applause. If not the world, for surely in the hereafter. Want to find which one?

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