Marketing Management

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Marketing Management is one of the main activities undertaken by the company to maintain the continuity of the company, to grow, and to make a profit. Marketing process that begins long since before the goods are produced, and does not end with the sale. Marketing activities of the company must also provide satisfaction to the consumer if they want their business goes on, or consumers have a better view of the firm (Dharmmesta & Handoko, 1982).

By definition, Marketing Management is the analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring programs aimed at causing the exchange with the target market in order to achieve corporate objectives (Kotler, 1980). Companies that have started to recognize that marketing is an important factor for business success, will find out the ways and the new philosophies involved. Ways and new philosophy called "Concept Marketing".

a. The marketing concept

As a business philosophy, marketing concepts aimed at satisfying the wants and needs of the consumer oriented. This is the fundamental business philosophy is different from previous product-oriented, and sales.

By definition it can be said that: Concept Marketing is a business philosophy that states that the satisfaction of consumer needs is a prerequisite for economic and social survival of the company (Stanton, 1978).

Three elements of the marketing concept:
• Orientation on Consumer
• Preparation of marketing activities are integral
• Consumer Satisfaction

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