Orangutans | Rare Animals | prevent wildlife species

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Orangutans | Rare Animals | prevent wildlife species
Orangutans (or orangutan) is a kind of great ape with long arms and reddish fur, sometimes brown, who lived in Indonesia and Malaysia. The term is taken from the orang-utans in Indonesian and / or the Malay language, which means the man (person) of forest. prevent wildlife species They have a plump body and big, big necked, long and strong arms, short legs and bowed, and did not have a tail.

Orangutans sized from 1 to 1.4 m for males, which is approximately 2/3 times the size of a gorilla. Body shrouded orangutan brownish red hair. They have a large head with a height position of the mouth.Male orangutans have a fat temple. They have the same senses as humans, namely hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch.

Their palms had 4 long fingers plus one thumb. The soles of their feet also have an arrangement of the fingers are very similar to humans. Vertebrate animals, including orangutans, which means that they have a backbone. Orangutans also includes mammals and primates.

Orangutans are currently endangered species, because man is constantly destroying their habitat and often also sell their babies to be illegally pets. Estimated population of orangutans in the world recently amounted to only 100 000 birds. We have been developed to conserve wildlife populations in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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