Risk Factors and Symptoms of Cancer

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Risk Factors and Symptoms of Cancer

Hormonal Risk Factors

The hormone estrogen may function as a promoter for certain cancers such as breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Women who have had periods of high estrogen levels, the increased risk of developing breast cancer in women who menstruate early and reach menopause later. Contain late or not having children may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Factor Psycho, Psychic Emotions

Disruption of the emotion can cause or aggravate cancer such as stress, resentment, hatred deep, or hurt (pain). The role of psychological factors in cancer can be in several ways, including: stress, or grudges that influenced the development of cells into the wild and the debilitating effects of immune system T cells that are not able to eliminate the cancer cells are formed.

Some of the factors that are protective against cancer formation, namely:

- The hormone progesterone is protective against cancer by inhibiting the stimulatory effects of estrogen. The hormone progesterone increases during pregnancy and while breast-feeding in women, therefore, women who breastfeed for at least 6 consecutive months - also, women who became pregnant several times, will reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Symptoms - Symptoms of Cancer

Symptoms of cancer that arises in general depend on the type or organ of the body affected are:

Pain may occur due to widespread tumor pressing surrounding nerves and blood vessels, immune and inflammatory reactions against growing cancers, and pain is also caused by fear or anxiety.
Bleeding or unusual discharge, such as saliva, coughing or vomiting blood, nosebleeds are continuous, the nipple fluids containing blood, the fluid is bloody hole intercourse (between menstrual / menopause) blood in the stool, blood in urine.

1. Changes in bowel habits
2. Fast weight loss due to less fat and protein (kaheksia)
3. Lump in the breast
4. Digestive disorders such as persistent difficulty swallowing.
5. Deafness, or a voice - a voice in the ear that persisted.
6. Wounds do not heal - heal
7. Changes in moles or skin of the striking

Cancer symptoms typically experienced by cancer type:

Brain Cancer

Headaches are extremely reduced in the morning and at midday, epilepsy, weakness, numbness in the arms and legs, difficulty walking, drowsiness, abnormal changes in vision, change in personality, changes in memory, it is difficult to speak.

Oral cancer
There are sores on the mouth, tongue and gums that do not heal.

Throat Cancer
Continuous coughing, hoarseness or raspy.

Lung Cancer
Cough continued - again, bloody sputum, pain in the chest.

Breast Cancer

A lump, thickening of the skin (tickening), changes in shape, itching - itching, redness, pain is not related to lactation or menstruation.

Digestive tract cancers

The presence of blood in the feces marked with bright red or black, malaise continues - going to the stomach, lump in the abdomen, pain after eating, weight loss.

Womb cancer (uterus)

Diperiode bleeding - period coming months, when extravasation mens unusual and incredible pain.

Ovarian cancer (ovarian)

In the advanced stage before symptoms appear.

Colon Cancer

Bleeding in the rectum, blood in the stool, change in bowel movements (diarrhea lasting or difficult bowel movements).

Bladder or Kidney Cancer
There was blood in the urine, pain or burning during urination, frequency or difficulty urinating, pain in the bladder.

Prostate Cancer

Urine is not smooth, continuous pain in the back waist, penis and upper thigh.

Scrotal cancer / testis

A lump in the scrotum, scrotal size reservoirs in the enlarged and thickened suddenly, pain in lower abdomen, chest swell or become soft.

Enlarged lymph nodes, rubbery, itching - itching, sweating at night time sleep, fever or weight loss for no apparent reason.

Pallor, chronic fatigue, weight loss, frequent infection, easily hurt, pain in bones and joints, nosebleeds.

Skin Cancer
Bumps on the skin that resembles a wart (hardened like horn), an infection that does not heal - heal, spots change color and size, pain in certain areas, changes in skin color of the spots.


A frequent complication in cancer patients is an infection that is in people with advanced cancer. Infections caused by lack of protein and other nutrients as well as immune system suppression that often occurs after conventional treatment.

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