Sects in Khawarij Group

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In Khawarij body was found several sects. Aaron ross said there are famous among the six sects, namely al-Muhakkimah Khawarij, al-Zariyah, al-Najdah, al-jaridah, as Sufriyah, and al-Ibadiyah. The sect also has perinsip specifications as shown below.


At first the faithful followers of Ali ibn Abi Talib, however mengkafirkannya behind, as well as those now involved in tahkim, Zina, Islam killed for no reason, along with other sins condemns unbelievers. al-Zariqah. This group was known to be extreme, do not use the term kafir to the perpetrator of the sin, but a tram idolatrous. Otherwise lawful killing groups including women and girls. Dimesjid banned prayer when the call to prayer echoes not studied them, do not allow marriage outside the group mawin, sacrifices which faction is not forbidden, forbidden to inherit each other, jihad is a fard 'ayn.


 Get a great sinner but not the torment of hell, must know God and what is revealed, not innocent when doing something unknown, faith is required when the benefit of wills al-Jaridah This sect does not require much emigrated software but only virtue, his followers must live outside the region. Surah Yusuf did not recognize because it contains a love story. This group has embraced Qadariyah Maimumah subsekte al.


Dividing the two great sins are the sins of the world and punishment in the hereafter. The first offender is judged pagan sin while the sinner both condemns unbelievers.

The sect is quite moderate, can perform marriages between Muslims mawin and inherited the other, killing Muslims is not judged unlawful, that is two infidel kafir and kafir ni'mah milla.

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