Should Complain about your blog?

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Not a problem if you complain about the blog as long as it is reasonably strong. If you are one who likes to complain about blog owned, continue to defend it. You may wonder why the complaint should maintain, as most likely to get a better chance than what has been obtained at this time. Still not believing? Here I give a few references that you can use in improving the quality of your blog.

Apparently Long Grass Greener Neighbors

Some people have a predilection to analyze what they are supposed to have and then disseminate to others. For example, compare the number of visitors, readers, and even blog income at the same position (it has a theme, topic, and target the same market). But if you're not happy with the blog that has been held, try to find another idea to make it more specific. There are many ideas that can be removed and readers need your expertise. And if you do not want to move or make the transition, inevitably you have to accept it. By constantly complaining about your blog on a variety of shortcomings, would eventually be forced to make changes in any way. With any luck, a good opportunity waiting for your blog.

Hoping to Get Blog Dream

Some people do and create a blog with SEO topics they do not really want it, when in fact they want a blog with the theme of media (or such interest). Find out your true capability, rather than go with the flow and the current trend. Understand a little about SEO, but had dared to related blogs. Though I'm sure all the tips and tricks that earned just a copy paste without permission from the owner of the blog. Are you not ashamed of the lie of the given?

 At least I know about SEO, but I prefer the strip blog about marketing because it basically has to undergo and experience. With habits and routines that we do will be easier to create a topic without having to see the results of others first. Do not be afraid that your blog will not selaris SEO, not all surfers looking for information about SEO. Focus on one point, that is your talent! Rest assured that you will form a community of its own through the blog.

What do You Want

There is a sentence that says "do as you like and the money will come". Try to do it, maybe your luck is on the side. Despite already having a blog that suits your interests, you should never throw away and find another opportunity to shape a better blog with a developing interest in it. An interest may have some sub-talents that you can use as possible. But do not immediately leave the blog that you start, find out the weaknesses and strengths to compare the new idea.

Whatever you want to do, in fact many opportunities to achieve it. Many people are affected and complain about the difficulty of getting the idea. Do not be burdened with this in mind, look for gaps and opportunities continue to exist. If you are an expert in a field, they would have received with joy.

How to be the best and not just complain about your work? Much work and little to complain! Increase continued expertise, help other colleagues who need your support. Bloggers are not satisfied with his work will differ with the blogger who appreciates and loves her work. And if you still continue to complain, try complaining to the good of everyone. Because they have such a big secret in developing your talents.

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