Sports Movement To Establish And Body To Sexy Shoulders

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Sports Movement To Establish And Body To Sexy Shoulders
The following sport specific movements to those of you who want sexy shoulders and body. All people must have longed for sexy body, but it takes a struggle to get it. And the good news, even if you specifically train the shoulder muscles, automatically upper body muscles also trained.

Shoulder muscles consist of three parts that you need to understand, front shoulder muscles, shoulder muscles side, and rear shoulder muscles. Three parts of the shoulder muscles is what you should be well trained, individually or simultaneously. In addition, there are deltoid, shoulder muscles that make up a name and consists of three sets of muscle fibers, each of which originate at different points and joined together in one place, namely the upper arm.

Not much different from other sports movement of the body, to train the shoulder muscles were adhered to the principle of lifting (raises) and pressing (presses). Dumbbell, barbell, or a cable gym (machines) is a device commonly used to train the shoulder muscles. The key to getting the shoulder section is to choose a heavy burden amounted to 25-30% of your weight. For example, weight 60 kg, the minimum weight is lifted about 18 kg. If you are able to lift more weight than that, add slowly.

Do weight training program at the start for 20 minutes, followed by a subsequent 20-minute cardio workout. Weight program is considered capable of stimulating muscle growth and influence for those who want to lose weight. In the first 20 minutes, the exercise will burn sugar and burn body fat. But the exercise must be adjusted to set the play.

Set recommended to maintain fitness was advised to do in four sets. Each set repitisi 12 times in sets of one, 10 times in sets of two, 10 times in sets of three, and eight times in sets of four. You want to raise the muscle, use repitisi 10, 8, 8, and 6. While the athlete usually uses repitisi 8, 8, 4 and 2 repitisi.

The smaller repitisnya the greater the burden to be lifted. For the beginner should be tailored to the capabilities and the most important match with the objectives to be achieved. Do not forget to stretch before you do heavy exercise movement. Stretching can by using the treadmill, stationary bike (spinning), cross trainer machine, or other normal stretching. Do it for about 15 minutes. Good luck.

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