The story of Prophet Luth Alaihi Salam

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Allah says:
"The People of Lut rejected the messengers have. When their brother Lot, saying to them: Why would you not be cautious? I am an apostle of trust (sent) to you, so fear Allah and obey me." (Surat ash-Syu'ara: 160-163) with tenderness and affection of this kind, the Prophet Lut preach to his people. He invited them to worship only to God Almighty who has no partner to Him. And forbids them to commit crimes and atrocities. But he was preaching to deal with a hard heart and soul of the sick and the rejection that comes from pride

The Prophet Lut perform a variety of unusual crimes committed by criminals everywhere. They robbed and betrayed to their peers as well as in kemungkaran intestate. Even their criminal records coupled with the new Genesis ¬ hatan unprecedented in the world. They put out their human potential and creativity that exist within them. That crime has never been carried out by someone else before them where they had sex with other men (gay sex).
Allah says:

"And (remember) Lut, when he said to his people:" Why are you working on indecency while you see it (her). Why do you approach men to (meet) lust (mu), rather than go to a woman? Nay, you are not able to find out (what you've done). "(Surat an-Naml: 54-55)
Prophet Lut to convey their mission with full sincerity and honesty, but what was the answer of his people:

"And his people gave no other answer but said: 'Expel Lot and his family from the land; because they were the people who (he preached) net.'" (Surat an-Naml: 56)

Why do they make something into something praiseworthy and blameworthy that should be expelled and excluded. It appears that the soul of the prophet Lut is really sick and they would mistreat themselves and behave arrogantly towards the truth. Finally, men tend to their sex, rather than tending to a woman. It is strange when they consider the purity and cleanliness as an evil to be disirnakan. They are sick people who just refuse drugs and fight. Actions of the Prophet Lut had made him sad. They commit crimes openly in their places. When they see a stranger or a traveler or a visitor who enters the city, so they arrested him. They said to the Prophet Lut, "welcome guests to leave our women and men." Begin their evil behavior is well known.
Prophet Lut fight them in the great jihad. Prophet Lut argued. Day after day, month after month, and year after year passed, and continued preaching of Prophet Lut. But no one who followed him and no one believed in him except his family, even his family did not believe it. Prophet Lut's wife as the wife of Noah disbelieved:

"God made the wife of Noah and Lot's wife parable for those who disbelieve. Both are under the supervision of two of the servants of the devout among Our servants; and second wife to the husband's treason, then both her husband could not help them a little any of the (punishment of) Allah, and said (to them): 'Go to hell with the people who go to hell.' "(Surat at-Tahrim: 10)

If the home is a place of rest in which one to get peace, the Prophet Lut tortured, both outdoors and inside. Prophet Lut life filled with suffering chains are hard but he still patiently upon his people. Berlalulah year after year, but no one who believed in him, even they began to mock his teachings and say whatever they want to say:
"Bring us the Wrath of Allah if thou art a true charcoal." (Surat al-'Ankabut: 29)

When this happens, the Prophet Lut to their despair, and he prayed to Allah Almighty to help him and destroy those who do mischief. Finally, the angels came out of the village where the Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Lut. Them until Asr. They reached Sudum fences. River flows in the midst of the land filled with green plants.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Prophet Lut was standing where the water meets the water of the river. She lifted her face so that they witnessed. He seemed surprised to see men who have good looks amazing. One of the angels asked the little boy: "O my daughter, is there a house here?" He said (he was given the ¬), "Let you stay in there so I told my dad and then will return to you." He left the water container on the side of the river and headed for his father.
"My father, there are young men who want to meet you at the door of the city. I have never seen their faces like," the boy said with a nervous tone. Prophet Lut said to himself: This is a great day. He immediately ran to his guests. When Prophet Lut saw them, he felt a great astonishment. He said: "This is a great day." He asked them: "From where they came from and what their purpose?" They even stopped and instead asked him to entertain them. "Prophet Lut seemed embarrassed in front of them, then he goes before them a bit and then he stopped as he turned to them and said:" I do not know of a more heinous in the face of this earth than the population this country. "He says so with the intention that they discouraged them to stay in his country. But they do not care about the sayings of the Prophet Lut and they did not comment upon it.

Prophet Lut re-run with them and he always tried to steer the conversation about his people. Prophet Lut told them that the inhabitants of the village is very bad and humiliating their guests. In addition, they also make mischief in the land, and often there is a contradiction in the village. Notification was designed to enable its guests to cancel their intention to stay in their villages without having to hurt their feelings, and without losing respect for the guests.

Prophet Lut tried and signaled to them to continue his journey without having to stop in his country. But the guests were very surprising. They keep running in a state of silence. When Prophet Lut see their determination to stay overnight in town, he asked them to stay in a garden, so come Maghrib time and darkness all over the city. Prophet Lut very sad and a narrow chest. Because of his fear and his suffering so that he forgot to give them food. Darkness began to envelop the city. Prophet Lut to accompany the three guests were walking toward his house. None of the townspeople who saw them. But she saw them, so he went out to his people and told them he saw the incident. Then tersebarlah news so quickly and then the Prophet Lut him. Allah says:

"And when Our Messengers came (the angels) is to Lut, he was troubled and his chest felt tight because of their arrival, and he said: 'This is a distressful day.' And his people came to him to hurry. And long ago they were always doing heinous acts. " (Surah Hud: 77-78)

Start the day very hard. The Prophet Lut rushed him. Prophet Lut said to himself: "Who the hell told them?" Then he turned to the right and left to find his wife but he did not see him. Then the Prophet Lut increaseth sorrow. The Prophet Lut standing at the door. Prophet Lut out to them with full hope, what if they are invited to think in a healthy way? What if they are invited to use the healthy nature? What if they moved with a healthy trend towards other types of Almighty God created for them? Is not in the house they are women? Women who should be their inclination, they tend instead to fellow man.

"He said: 'O my people, here's daughters (my country) they are more sacred to you, so fear Allah and do not pollute (name) I towards my visitor. Is there not among you one who understands." (Surah Hud: 78) "This is my daughters (my country)." What is meant by that statement? Prophet Lut wanted to say to them: "Before you there are women on earth. They are purer for you in the sanctity of life and physical form. When you are inclined to cen ¬ to them, then this trend is the implementation of a healthy nature." "So fear you God." Prophet Lut tried to touch their souls of the devout after her from the side of nature. But fear Allah and remember that Allah hears and sees and will be angry and punish those who rebel. Reasonable person should avoid his wrath.

"And do you dishonor my name to this my guest." It is the failure of his attempt to try to arouse them the glory and tradition of the Bedouin people who have to respect the guests, rather than humiliate. "Is there not among you one who understands?" Did one of you there are people who have a healthy mind? Is not there amongst you men of understanding? What do you want if it does materialize, then it is the essence of madness. Intellect is the right tool for you to know the truth. Indeed the case is clearly true if you pay attention to nature, religion, and self-esteem. "Wait until he finished his people from their counsel and a brief laugh. Sentence of the holy Prophet Lut was not able to change the minds of the sick soul, heart frozen, and the ignorant mind:
"They said: 'Surely, you have to know that we have no desire for your daughters, and ye would know exactly what we want.'" (Surah Hud: 79)

That is quite clear that the truth hidden behind pengkaburan, something known to the world everything. They did not tell him what they want because the world know about it and then he also knows, that is a bad sign in a bad deed.

Prophet Lut feel the sadness and weakness in the midst of his people. Prophet Lut angrily entered his house and closed the door. He stood listening to laughter and scorn, and blows against the door of his house. Meanwhile, foreigners are entertained by the Prophet Lot was sitting in a state of calm and still. Prophet Lut feel astonished in themselves when they see the peace. And the blows aimed at the door grew louder. Start the timber door seemed broken and weak, and the Prophet Lut screaming in a state of annoyance:

"Luth said: 'If I have the power (to resist) or if I can seek refuge in a strong family (of course I do).'" (Surah Hud: 80) Prophet Lut hope to gain strength so as to protect its guests. He expects that if there is a strong fortress to protect it, that bastion of Allah SWT in which the prophets and His loved ones are protected. In this regard, the Prophet said, when I read the verse: "Allah blessings be upon Prophet Lut lower. He took refuge in the impregnable fortress." When the suffering reached its peak and the Prophet Lut his words are flying like a bird in despair, the guests moved and suddenly rose. They told him that he really will be protected under the strong fortress:

"The messengers (angels) say: 'O Lut! We are messengers of thy Lord, once in a while they will not bother you." (Surah Hud: 81)
Do not complain and do not be afraid, O Lut. We are the angels, and the it will not be able to touch you. Suddenly, the door cracked open. Gabriel got up and he pointed with his hand quickly so that the loss of his eye. Then they seemed gratuitous in the wall and they came out and they think that they are entering. Gabriel eliminating their eyes.
Allah says:

"And indeed they have been persuaded (to give) the guests (to them), then we butakan their eyes, so taste My punishment and My threats. And indeed they are overwritten on the next day the eternal punishment." (Surat al-Qamar: 37-38)

The angel turned to the Prophet Lut and ordered him to bring his family in the middle of the night and out. They heard a terrible noise and will shake the mountain. What is this punishment? This is the torment of a strange shape. The angel told him that his wife was among those who opposed it. His wife was a heathen like them, so if you go down to their doom, so he will accept it.

Go forth, O Lord Luth because the decision has been set. Prophet Lut said to the angel: "What is now going down to their doom?" The angel told him that they will be exposed to punishment at the dawn of time. Is not it very close to the dawn of time?
Almighty Allah says:

"Go with the family and your followers at the end of the night and let no one of you is left behind, except the fact your wife she will be overwritten doom that befell them as real as the fall to their doom is at the dawn of time; not dawn was already close? " (Surah Hud: 81)

Prophet Lut out with his daughters and his wife. They come out at night. And it was the dawn of time. Then came the command of Allah Almighty:
"And when Our command came, We made the country the people of Lut it is in the top-down (We turn), and We rained them with stones of baked clay with a barrage, which is marked by your Lord, and torture is never far from those who do wrong. "(Surah Hud: 82-83)

The scholars said: "Jibril to destroy with their pinions seven cities. Jibril lifted them into the sky so that the angels hear their chickens and barking dogs. Jibril turned seven city and poured into the earth. In the event of destruction, they showered the sky with stones from hell Jahim. That rocks hard and strong that came and went. Hell Jahim keep showering them so that the people of Prophet Luth destroyed them all. No one was there. All the cities were destroyed and swallowed by the earth so that water terpancarlah of the earth. Destroyed the Prophet Lut and there goes their cities. Prophet Lut heard a terrible noise. His wife saw the source of the sound and he was gone. "
Allah said about the cities of Lut:

"Then we spend the people who believe in the country that the people of Lut. And we do not find in the country, but a house of those who submit. And We left a mark on the land for those who fear the painful punishment. "(Surat adh-Dzariyat: 35-37)
"And the fact that the city really is the road that still remain (through men)." (Surah al-Hijr: 76)

"And thou (O inhabitant of Mecca) is really going through (behas-old) they are in the morning, and at a time when the night. Will you not think about it." (-Saffat: 137-138)

Ie it is a testament to the power of Allah SWT zahir. The scholars said: "That the seven cities that are peculiar to the lake where the water is salty and heavy water is greater than the rush of salty sea water. And in this lake there are stones that melt tarnbang. This suggests that the rocks imposed on the people of Prophet Lut granules resemble a burning fire. Some say that the lake is now called al-Bahr deceased is located in the Palestinian cities of the Prophet Lut. "

This is the end of the history of Prophet Lut of the earth. Finally, the Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Lut. He told the news of his people. He was surprised to hear that Prophet Ibrahim knew it too. Prophet Lut continued his preaching mission in the way of Allah as the Prophet Ibrahim. They both continue to spread Islam in the face of the earth.

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