Biography of Sule - A Struggle to Success

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Sule biographies - A Struggle to Success
Entis Sutisna or better known as the Sule (born in Bandung, West Java, 15 November 1976; age 34 years) is the actor who originated from Lawak SOS Group, TPI Comedian Auditions (API). Sule is increasingly recognized via Opera Van Java event in Trans7. Increasing his career with the event Awas There Sule on Global TV, starring former national volleyball player, Hikmal Abrar. Besides comedy, an alumnus of STSI Bandung is known for good singing. Since he was attending Grade 3, Sule has often appeared on stage Agustusan seventeen, to dance.

"Since the age of five years if the luggage is always listen to music jaipongan dancing. I was happy to dance, "said the man had long hair and blonde. Because that's fun to dance, parents finally enrolled into the studio Kandaga. "From there I can win so often. Not only in West Java, but also to Jakarta, "said the man was born in Cimahi that share our goals to be the bearer of this news event. As with Oni, a friend of one group, Sule also been used to make money since childhood. For matters of learning, it turns out the lazy joy menyontek.Hobi Sule was a stop on his dancing in junior high. New to grow again when entering the ISMS, Sule admitted after struggling for years, since junior high, now took a new result. He used to live in a rented tenement. "First, boro-boro for buying clothes, eating alone at home pay to borrow from the neighbors," he said. He felt life was concerned about the long blond hair. Her parents were merchants in Cimahi meatballs, small Sule at night helps sell corn on the cob around the complex.

Sule was married to Lina (32), 1997. Due to the uncertain income of comedy, they trade and sell fried chicken kebaya. "His income was just Rp20.000 day. Shopping vegetables, some rice, soap, and snacks for children, not enough, "he explained.
Sule new shining star when he and two friends, Ogi Suwarna and Obin Wahyudin auditioned buffoonery API (Academy comedian Indonesia) in the TPI. A year later, Sule won the Superstar Show, a celebrity duet show at Indosiar, and the right to bring home a car. Peak when he starred OVJ.

Strong characters of comedi

Sule appears as a multi-talented comedian through a television show (reality-show) SuperStar Show which aired Indosiar, about 2 years ago. In the event a singing contest in pairs, the Sule eventually become a champion. At that time he was a duet with Jaja. Unique character, Multy-talented, and making humorous duet Sule-Jaja easily liked and known for its viewers SuperStar. Proved later. Counted since the event after winning the SuperStar, Sule began to appear frequently on television (TV). From being a presenter (MC), talk show guest stars, music performers, to be a comedian / comedian as it is today.

Tv shows that popularize Sule

From the realm of comedy, alias name Sutisna Sule dominate television this year. In addition to performing at the Comedy Opera Van Java (OVJ) in Trans 7, Sule also guides showBigShow reality in TPI. If not set, Sule fill a variety of events off the water. Special for 2009, I observed Sule sold well. Job received in the entertainment world Indonesia is quite a lot. You are often watching TV at night may already be familiar with the funny looks and behavior. Tv shows that practically popularized the Sule (besides SuperStar) is OKB, Opera Van Java, and Awas There Sule. The first two appear in Trans7. While the latter (Caution There Sule) aired on Global Television. If you are a fan of comedy or a sitcom, you must have been quite familiar with the third event.

Excess Sule

Sule did have a talent in itself makes it worth aligned with Tukul Arwana, WWE, Eko patriotic, Parto, and Olga Syahputra who was named the fifth most expensive Comedian Indonesia). Which should be appreciated, Sule also not classified as an impromptu comedian. He did start the career of the NOL Popularity melawaknya that now is not achieved instantaneously, but thanks to the perseverance and struggle. In addition to the unique talent that was bestowed the Almighty to him.

As WWE Sule has the ability to joke that belong to spontaneity is very responsive, fast, creative and good. The display also has the ability to stage a decent blocking. Sule peawak including one who has strong character and unique humor. Sule presumably derived droll talent of his father, a traveling salesman meatballs. His father always membanyol and make the buyers baksonya laugh. However, Sule began not with a joke on stage, but as a music player. "But how the audience actually said I was funny. Eh, even so the joke, "said Sule, who later founded the comedy group SOS with Ogi and Oni.

After winning the audition droll at TPI, the name Sule slowly skyrocketed. But only in the event Superstar Show, Sule name uphill until now. Although already well known, Sule still harbored aspirations. He wants to go international though did not speak English.

Simple Millionaire

Sule life is different now. The father of Rizki (12), daughter (8), and Rizwan (2), it has five houses in Bandung and Jakarta, two cars and two motorcycles. Despite been wallowing in wealth, it was not all artists live lavish. Sule comedian for example, who claimed to want to always live bersahaja.Kini, father of three children were paid $ 4 million for a single episode OVJ. With the calculation of six episodes each week, Sule pocketed more than Rp 90 million per month. Month of Ramadan and then became the most favorable moment for Sule. OVJ aired twice a day. To show OVJ dawn, the player is paid double. As a result, Sule in a day can raise Rp 12 million. That does not include presenter fees and so forth. If calculated, more than Rp 100 million to the account each month Sule.

Interestingly, immersed property makes no glare. The car is still filming her every day with the same car that he used four years ago, a Suzuki APV.
For Sule investment houses prefer to collect. Men who marry Lina 12 years ago, it already has four homes in London who used his wife as a place of business. "I have a salon, cafe, clothing store and buying and selling of mobile phone shops. Now want to make a music studio, "he continued. Men trigger words "prikitiw" it still occupies a place of residence previous home, a dorm room in South Jakarta.

Like the children boarding, a number of relatively simple Sule belongings. Thin mattress, 14 inch television, a place to drink a gallon, and others decorate a dorm room. "It was a cave wall clocks to buy USD 40 thousand," said Sule said. As a comedian, Sule there was no death. Long yellow-haired man was always joking and laughing. When on location, it performs actions such mischievous surprise people, shaking steps, even throwing the screenwriter to the pool. "Hahaha, here, here," Sule said, pulling the shirt of a film crew.

Solider Friend

The more well known, the bags are thicker Sule. Income is not just for his wife and his children, but also shared for her sisters. The second child of four children is also not hesitate to help two friends who had both joined the comedy group SOS. In fact, according to Sule, often in secret so he helped colleagues Oni was able to fill a show on television. "Not only material assistance but also an opportunity for my friends to get in and get involved in an event program. Alhamdulillah everything can be done. I also wanted to share the happiness to my friends, "he explained

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