The history of the emergence of Khawarij

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Khawarij group was born as a demonstrative act at the discretion of Ali and Muawiyah appoint representatives to end the war in komporomi Siffin. These events are known to Tafkim, The Kharijites was originally known as the followers of Ali (read: Ali bin Abi Talib), but due to the incident that left Ali. Because they thought Ali had disobeyed God by mengakat judge / guardians besides Allah. Even further their mengkafirkan Ali and all those who are subject to tafkhim.

The next group is known to be very extreme and radical of a different opinion of him. Even in Extreme, they are in revolt against the government that he thought unjust. So in a fairly long period of time these people made a lot of trouble.

When traced back, it is known that of all komplik embirio daari begins with the murder of Uthman. Looking at these events, the Islamic Ummah is divided into three, one group wants to resolve the murder before lifting the caliph, while another group held the appointment as soon as possible menghenadaki caliph, the third group is a neutral group.

Classes that require immediate caliph appointed are those who think that the most right to be caliph after Uthman was Ali. This group initially received strong support from all Muslims. While the second group argued that the question of the Caliphate is a problem that is not too urgent, while the need diproritaskan adalah Usman homicide investigation, indicated that even this group was behind the murder of Ali Usman with other hands.

Komplik first and second groups has widened even ends with a battle between fellow Muslims. Siffin war that ended with tafkhim as a forerunner to the birth of the Kharijites. This group assumes that political action has hit the religious rules. Because it is not found in the Al-Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. As a result they struggle to Ali and even hostile to all that Ali did not cancel the deal.

The condition of Muslims at the time was biased from the freedom of thought and diligence on the issues they face. Because Muslims are facing a number of peroblema who have never been found in the period of the Prophet Muhammad. More than that, the companions began to lay down the law with reference to qiyas and ijma '. So perseberangan opinion among Muslims be difficult to avoid. Even a difference of opinion has been "robbed" the right of Allah is a pagan only because they set a different opinion.

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