The History of Zippo

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The History of Zippo
Zippo is ne of the trademark quality and American crafts. Even so famous, in a conversation among smokers they often mention other lighters with Zippo term. Zippo factory was founded in 1932 by George G. Blaisdell. He began to build a gas lighters since late 1932. And collection of the first successful launch in around January and February 1933. First products on display at the Zippo / Case Visitor Center with a handwritten note of Mr. Blaisdell. The innovations of the year begins with the establishment of a Zippo.

When the Zippo was first issued, it has a square shape. But the form is really a box corner. As for now, almost all of them, slightly curved at the edges. So the appearance did not seem to be more rigid even sweeter. Then, the exterior is made of tubes braso dicet box or chrome plated. Meanwhile, the hinge between the cover top and bottom tubes on the outside.

The new hinge move to the inside, in 1936. And every year, the decorations and the development going on here and there. Until finally in 1935, is an important point for the marketing of Zippo. Because the year began a special ad for this one product.

Then in 1939, Zippo outer layer of 14 carat gold containing introduced to the public. However, when World War II took place, the situation is so pinched. So braso and chrome became hard to find. As a result, the material from which bajalah be selected. Then, paint the selected color when it is black. Distribution of retail goods on this one aimed at the shops in the military. Finally, the function of a single gas lighters is so popular among the military during World War II took place. Legendary journalist Ernie Pyle wrote that Zippo lighters became a requirement on the battlefield and it is the most coveted by the army.

Almost every time, Zippo issued new designs. Whether it's the type of material in the tube and the color of the displayed games. If previously, iron materials displayed then in 1950, Zippo try new things again. Packaging of the skin comes in the midst of his fans. And choice of color is variasi.Ada the red, blue, green, skin color and other cattle.

Another feature during the 1950s, this type of Zippo out with a slightly slimmer shape. While in the 1960s, 14-carat gold coating types slim was released. And in 1969, when the crew of NASA astronauts successfully landed on the moon, then the issue is related to outer space is also growing rapidly. Clearly, each period Zippo did not stop to always displays a unique design. So, people were not bored, in fact becoming increasingly fond of collecting. In fact, not necessarily the Zippo collectors are among the smokers. Designs associated with a sports team began to emerge. Even the symbols and the nuances of a political organization in the design were made in several editions Zippo.

All designs are popping up without changing the basic form of Zippo. A match consists of two parts with a hinge when opened, jangling loud. This basic design that makes the Zippo is said to be one of the designs are timeless. Any age can come, but the shape and the tinkling Zippo will remain the same. These designs are rarely there. Approaching the VW Beetle or in Indonesia known as the Beetle. However, when VW released the design of 2000nya, the immortality of the form VW compromised. Another surviving with Zippo.

New coatings of Powders

 Now in the new millennium, there is an aggressive step taken by the Zippo. Given the number of fraud here and there, the Zippo uses a powdered material that could be useful as an indicator of genuine and counterfeit goods. It's stamped on the bottom that reads the codes issue. Code shown indicates the date, Zippo logo, and the making of the USA. But, it was written somewhat vague. Zippo designer, Mr. Blaisdell, also provide a specific code of dots or slashes. This is useful when the Zippo needs to be repaired if any damage. Therefore, each edition of the Zippo certainly have made signs for months or even years. Indicators of the names of the months represented by the alphabet of letters A through L. While for the year represented by Roman letters. The signs of the above apply from 1 Juli1986.

Earlier, at the beginning of the manufacture of Zippo, a written statement that accompanied the word Patent seven digit number. After that, from the years 1957-1986, there are several symbols such as dots and slashes at the bottom of the Zippo. Of course, this change with the times for the convenience.

Then the process of attachment of the powder using an electrostatic process which is then removed in 2003 at the bottom using a laser to make it look angka/simbol2 that shows originality and production of every Zippo. According to a news release, the new items introduced in the early spring in the United States. Meanwhile, there are colors red and green colors tend to be dim but not shiny. At the end of 2003, the process will be applied to all types of powder-coated. The goal is for the authenticity of a Zippo made in the town of Bradford Pennsylvania's really proven.

With innovation and unique design, the trademarked name Zippo was still in the surface at the retail matches. The price is varied for a lighter and a lot of people still buy it. Interestingly, not a few groups of people who collect them. This is shown by the various clubs Zippo in the midst of people around the world. Apparently, Zippo has historical value are not easily forgotten.

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