Tips on How to Run the Good and True

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Tips on How to Run the Good and True
Not a few people who exercise without knowing whether the movement is correct or not, included in the running. Cheap sport is proved to have "rules" of its own. Consider a few tips sports articles from experts on running a good and true.

Do not rush
You are just trying to track, it is better not try to conquer distance. Try to think of conquering time, not distance. Do not try to run up to 2 miles a day if you are not used in this sport. Increase the time little by little, not too memforsir energy.

Do not choose just any shoes
Do not choose athletic shoes because they are cheap and do not pay attention to the quality of the goods. Shoes with poor quality gives you most likely get injured. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy shoes with good price but the quality is guaranteed and reliable. In addition to not endanger the legs, usually more durable.

Relaxed posture
When you run, make serileks posture possible. Let your mouth open, do not merapatkkan shoulders to the ears, and let your hands remain relaxed.

Do not make a fist
Avoid clenching hand position, because it's the right position with the hands as if holding an egg and keep in each hand. Therefore, make sure when you do not run "breaking eggs" in the palm of the hand.

Moment than not at all
Take a little time, although it was only five or 15 minutes to run. How busy you are, it would be better to spend a little time to run than not run at all in a day.

Warm up
Do not start running before you warm up. Try to jog before stretching or stretching can be done after the first run. If you do stretching the muscles in cold conditions will not benefit the body, and even tends to be dangerous to the body.

Avoid dehydration
Hot or cold weather, keep your body to avoid dehydration. Consuming enough water can help the blood flow remains smooth and good for your health.

Exercising regularly
Be consistent in the exercise, do not miss a day without exercising. Better to work out while taking a day for a few minutes than no exercise at all.

Listen to your body
Do not force yourself to keep running if the body was not strong. Listen to what your body says, that way you avoid injury. Take regular exercise to maintain the health of your body. Hopefully this article on the sport can be your guide in the exercise of good and true. Good luck.

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