Why is health important?

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As a professional of course a lot of planning and we have targets to achieve it we continue to improve ourselves either in skill, character, relationships and other aspects of our lives. But the really ironic when we are busy with our plans and targets, but your health does not support even hinder your effectiveness to achieve all our plans and dreams. That's when we realize that health is a gift given by God which is very important, precious and we must guard. Therefore we need to keep it in a way and the right lifestyle, like the wise man said "willing umbrella before it rains, prevention is better than cure". TIPS follows may help you to build a healthy lifestyle every day.

Health Life style:

Eating is a habit that we do every day, with food we get energy and nutrients needed by the body, but the problem is not about a lot or delicious food we eat, but if the food is nutritionally adequate and safe for our health. Too much food can increase blood sugar levels that ultimately lead to diabetes which is very dangerous. It is therefore very important to pay attention to nutritional content and the dose that we will eat food, intake of multivitamin and supplements can also be considerable support for maintaining your health.

Many professionals lack of sleep due to the demands of work, too busy and crowded work schedule resulting in reduced and minimum rest periods. Though it takes time to sleep a normal human being in general is 8 hours a day. Adequate rest to maintain body condition in order to stay fit and healthy. If lack of sleep / rest would interfere with ability to make the body use insulin to trigger diabetes. Besides lack of sleep can also cause hypertension and cardiovascular problems. So that the characteristics that are common body feels tired and sore (in addition to adequate rest can also be helped by massage / massage Therapy, for circulation.

In the current difficult conditions must have the name Stress experienced by many people. Whether it's the stress of facing the daily work life, or because of the difficulty facing an increasingly difficult. Stress itself-even if not quickly treated can be fatal, especially the health and mental health-lamaan kelama also interfere with physical health. Happy heart is good medicine for your health, so if you have a problem with a good idea to talk with others who are close to you or Take your time for something fun for yourself and do not ever run to the liquor and drugs .

Surely if we do sport properly in portions and the fitting procedure training, will bring positive results for the physical health of psychological well for us. As recommended by the experts, too rare move will not make your body feel refreshed and this could result in volatility in the state of the bone structure. If so, there is no chance to grow strong bones. Easy fatigue and muscle strength was less than the maximum. Situation would be different if we are diligent exercise. With the activity, your body will gradually improve the situation strukturnya.Mulai of the muscles that maintained the elasticity and strength, strong bones and conditions not easily broken, as well as a growing body metabolism and well maintained.

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