Your blog is your typical

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Your blog is your typical
"Characteristic". Maybe the word is not familiar to our ears we hear. sometimes it is this which make the most of a person can be successful. Why ....? This is because we will look more different than others, for example, if we have a discovery and then the discovery that we already have or create the common people, the findings may be by some people, and people who aim to find stuff that will surely find goods that have the best quality and reliable. this is what makes us get very heavy competition, especially if we are still a novice then it is very difficult to beat our rivals are already a senior. but if we are distinctively discovery of other discoveries, maybe people will consider the findings because we have a "fingerprint" of different quality than the others.

As told Mas Dedy Corbuzer in the show on TV on Monday, 17 January 2011: there was a construction worker who worked hard to very hard, but he began to complain to the situation today is his position was never raised. to construction workers were told this in one of his boss 'huhh ..... I've worked hard, but why pay and rank I do not ever go up' and then his boss said, you should use the blue hat on the job. The porters then use the cap that has been suggested earlier. and finally salary and rank of the construction workers up and keep going up. why this could happen ......? not because there are caps that are used the spell, but all the construction workers who work in these places use the red hat and blue hat that uses only his own, then it is this which makes him more and more attention because its performance is excellent.

So if we apply this in our blog ....... is it worth? the answer is very useful, because if your blog is automatically distinctively people who visit our blog will feel they have something new and different from the others. for example, just this blog ( which has the hallmark of a tutorial that is not the result Copas (hehehe. ... cuman this characteristic that I know of this blog if there are more please add :)

Readers: basinya basa enough I've started to get bored just go into the topic. author: ok I started. following advice that I will give your blog to be implemented in order to have a characteristic:

1. if you have a blog post that was not his own creativity sebiknya leave, perhaps most readers will be lazy visit to our blog because readers will find articles that are of sumbernnya.

2. the words we use must also be distinctively. Example: Friend, Bro, Gan, Etc.. for example one of our article reads like this: "if you read this post may be 'buddies' will be confused so you should read my previous article" Ok Bro ....... or perhaps the words of my friend (oops ...... hahahaha catch) using affirmations have in certain words.

3. or maybe we mempunyaio typical blog posting updates every day, why not ...? This is very useful to add tables of visitors who come to our blog. but to be honest I can not afford as a writer in this case ..... hehehehe

4. try we have a design template that is different from the others by combining staining are related to each other to form an unexpected harmony. but if we use the template that only makes the reader's eye to be sore (aka suffering), I can assure the reader already run first before reading our posts. This becausecoloring template so that we are colliding automatic eye will tend to look for a lighter color. this often happens in the background template menggukan black background. eg: merging color black with a white-gray. but still could use colors really collide. example penggbungan color 'black with a purple'.

5. the use of any debenarnya adsense into the characteristic, as if the excessive use the adsense blog I can guarantee you will fall apart, especially if put adsense in any place is definitely more messy. what you want if your blog has characteristics like this .....? yaph ........ Here are tips as possible until I gave the hallmark please comment if there are additional wrote.

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