Biography of Alia Sabur~World's Youngest Professor

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Alia Sabur was 19 years less 3 days when he became the youngest professor in history. Guinness Book of Records was established him as a teacher or professor of the youngest in history. The previous record held by Colin Maclaurin, a student Issac Newton.

Alia Sabur Born on February 22, 1989 in New York USA, Alia through his studies with a very short time. From the fourth grade, this girl jumped into the university, and graduated with a BA cum laude predicate sum of Stony Brook University in New York when he was only 14 years old.

He continued his education at Drexel University. At the university he received his master of science degree and PhD. Three days before the 19th anniversary last February, he officially became a professor at Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea. Give Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest professor in history. He toppled the previous record recorded by Colin MacLaurin, student Isaac Newton, in 1717.

Alia Sabur Biography | World's Youngest Professor

The future is bright sprawling

before adolescence Northport, New York. But he chose to teach. "I am very happy to teach. Because in the field that we can make a difference. By teaching, we not only show that we can do, but also enable others to make a difference, "he said

Alia is not only brilliant in academics. He has appeared playing clarinet with the Rockland Symphony Orchestra at age 11. In the field of music he has received numerous awards. Mastered the martial arts also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. According to the winner of tae kwon do black belt is a lecturer in a different field from other fields. By teaching people not only shows what can be done. But, it also enables others to make a difference.

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