Biography of Archimedes

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Archimedes Biography
Archimedes who lived in Greece in the year 287 to 212 BC, was a mathematician, physicist, astronomer once filusuf. Archimedes was born in the port city called Syracuse, the city is now known as Sicily. Archimedes is a nephew of king Hiero II, who reigned in Syracuse at the time. He was killed by a Roman soldier looting Syracusa city, despite orders from the Roman general, Marcellus that he should not be harmed. Some historians regard Archimedes mathematics as one of history's greatest mathematicians, perhaps together Newton and Gauss.

Archimedes name became famous after he jumped out of his bath and ran naked after proving that the crown was not made of pure gold. Words "Eureka (I found it)" became popular to this day. Archimedes is also the first to define the system of numbers containing "myriad (10000)", myramid shows what one number whose value is infinite. It also defines the ratio between the circumference of a circle and the radius of the circle is known as pi at 3.1429.

King Hiero II was then tied to an agreement with the Romans. Syracuse to send large amounts of grain to the Romans, so that they are not attacked. Until one when Hiero II, no longer able to send a specified amount of wheat. Therefore commissioned Archimedes to design and create new types of vessels to strengthen Navy king Hiero II.

At that time, the ship made by Archimedes was the greatest ship. To be able to float, it must be dried first vessel of water that flooded the deck. Because of the large vessels, the amount of water that must dipindahkanpun very much. Because ituArchimedes created a tool called "Archimedes Screw". With this water can be easily suctioned from the deck of the ship. This large size vessels also cause other problems. The mass of the heavy vessel, causing it to be difficult to move. To overcome this, re-creating Archimedes pulley system called "Compound Pulley". With this system, the ship and its crew and its cargo can be moved only by pulling a rope. The ship was then named Syracusia, and became the most phenomenal ships of that era.

During the war with the Romans, who called punik second war, Archimedes again made a large contribution. Archimedes to design a means of defense to prevent the Roman army under the command of Marcus Claudius Marcellus, Syracuse win.

When the Roman fleet of 120 ships began to appear on the horizon Syracuse. Archimedes think hard to prevent the enemy shore docked. Archimedes then tried to set fire to Roman ships by using a mirror composed of the shields soldiers Syracuse. Archimedes plans to burn enemy ships by focusing the sun's rays. However, this plan seems to be less successful. This is due to obtain a sufficient amount of heat to burn a ship, the ship must be silent.

Although the results are less than satisfactory, with this tool Archimedes managed dazzling Roman troops until their trouble shooting. Heat ditimbulkn with this tool also managed to make enemies swelter, till they were tired before dealing with Syrcuse forces.

When the enemy began to surround the beach Syracuse, Archimedes back around the brain. The goal this time is to find a way to sink the Roman ships. Archimedes then created a tool called Archimedes claw. This tool looks like a crane in the present. Once the tool is secretly linked to the enemy hull, crane was later withdrawn. Akibanya enemy ships will wobble, or even torn and drowning.

In addition to these two tools Archimedes also developed catapults and ballista to fight the Romans. But unfortunately though supported by the findings of Archimedes, Syracuse still less powerful than the Roman army. Archimedespun eventually killed by the Romans. When killed Archimedes was working on geometry problems by drawing circles on the ground. Before he was killed by Roman soldiers shouted "Do not disturb Circles!!!

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