Biography of Anang Hermansyah~Musicians Indonesia

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Anang Hermansyah born in Jember, East Java, March 18, 1969, since high school in Jember, East Java, Sam has been joined in a band. But her new music seriously while in college at Bandung Islamic University to join the studio's Doel Contribute. Anang even had time to make a recording with Contribute Doel, although it was not published.

In 1989, Sam decided to move to Jakarta and met with Pay Siburian, BIP guitarist who was still strengthening Slank. Through Pay, Sam entered the milieu of pencil and then strengthen the Gang Kidnap group. Kidnap together, Sam album spawned Katrina in 1993.

Once separated from Kidnap, Sam decided to menempuha solo path and released the album, including "Let", "Release", "Drift" and "Tania". With his wife, Kris Kristofferson, Sam released the album "Love meaninglessness", "Love", "Fruit Heart" and "Makin Love". After his divorce with Kris Kristofferson, he released his album Half of My Soul Go. He is also a duet with the song Do not pick Syahrini me. then he also sang the song Last Love with Syahrini after that he then decided to duet with Ashanty.

Biography Anang Hermansyah - Musicians Indonesia

In addition to singing success, Sam is also a songwriter, and producer aranjer several singers, including his wife, Kris Kristofferson, while managing the Studio Green, his own recording studio. Anang also successfully held 3 Diva Concert, involving his ex-wife, Kris Kristofferson, and Titi DJ and Ruth.

Not only in the arts of singing, Sam also expanded the role of art in the world by producing a film titled "The trouble So Virgin". The film is supported by Restu Sinaga, Nova Eliza, Al Fathir Muchtar, Olga Syahputra, Tio Pakusadewo, Julia Perez and Emmie Lemu.

Anang with a number of famous musicians, such as Indra, Servant of the State, and Triawan Munaf, joined forces to set up a music portal. Portal was named IM: port (Independent Music Portal). IM: port aims to provide an opportunity for all musicians, new and senior, to 'sell' their work more easily than through the procedures as a label that says 'quite complicated.'

Anang married to Kris Kristofferson on August 22, 1996. Of the marriage they had two children, Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah (born in 1998) was called Aurel or Loli and Azriel Akbar Hermansyah (born 2000) is usually called Azriel or Jiel. Since the beginning of their marriage frequently hit by rumors. Still has 13 years have passed, the couple finally divorced in a religious month of August 2009, then legally divorced in November 2009, now he chose a duet with Ashanty after duet with Sharini. Anang in proclaim to be married with her duet partner Ashanty now after previously dating.

Solo album
  • Let (1992)
  • Off (1994)
  • Drift (1996)
  • Tania (1999)
  • Identity (2001)
  • Eye Love (2003)
  • Half of My Soul Go (2009)
Duet album
  • Love (1996)
  • Love (1997)
  • Fruit Heart (1998)
  • Makin Love (2001)
  • Toward the Light (2002)
  • First Ten Years (2006)
  • Hit Love (2009)
  • Do not Choose Me (2010)
  • Without Stars (2010)
  • Jodohku (2011)

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