Biography Andrias Wiji Setio Pamuji~Inventor of Biogas Reactors

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Biography Andrias Wiji Setio Pamuji - Inventor of Biogas Reactors
Andrias Wiji Setio Ngrendeng Pamuji born in the village, District Sine, Ngawi regency, East Java, he is the inventor of Andrias Biogas Reactor is the youngest of three brothers. Farmers' children are often curious and wanted to prove he had heard theories by conducting experiments. As a child he never made electrical and propulsion motor boat toy windmill. The windmill is made from the tape cassette player. Andrias also pleased to farm and raise livestock. Plants and animals he has treated with compassion. This is the teaching of the mother. Since childhood Andrias often help their parents work in the fields.

His mother often shows her lush paddy fields and dry. "Green and fertile fields it every day worth a farmer. If the chocolate is rarely ditengoki farmers, "recalls Andrias mimicked her sentence. Those words mean, fields will be visited more frequently maintained. Nursing is a mirror of perseverance. Determined, that is the principle of life Andrias. Experiments made simple reactor of plastic has been done by Andrias Wiji Setio Pamuji (27) in 2000, when he was in college level III in the Chemical Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering Department of the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). However, Andrias new market on 9 April 2005 after perfecting his experiments. Plastic biogas reactor was previously winless in Student Creativity Contest 2002, organized by the Directorate of Higher Education Ministry of National Education.

Andrias have long known that the gas can be used as manure. However, a new chance to prove it when he accomplished college. I was so curious, he brought the cow dung is mixed with water from a farm. Cow dung that he was carrying a five liter jerry can sizes. Up in the outhouse, jerry can remain closed for fermentation occurs in cow dung. Once a month, jerry cans over the hole opened and installed plastic jerry can. Direct Plastics expands.

Andrias from Ngrendeng Village, District Sine, Ngawi regency, East Java, is urgently looking for a pen tops are made of metal. The top pen is stuck into the plastic and out of gas. He lit it with a match. "It turned out well, manure can be a gas and can be burned," he said. Andrias kept modifying the equipment used the money from her friends. Experiment after experiment he did to be able to produce a reactor and the reservoir gas is cheap and sufficient capacity for the needs of the household.

Until finally, from trial to trial, he produced a reactor of 250 micron thick plastic and create methane gas stove to type. He has marketed the reactor in April 2005. When it was deemed appropriate because the price of fuel oil (BBM) continues to rise. "I have been predicting that the fuel will be expensive. But if the first, alternative fuel prices are still more expensive than the existing fuel. It is difficult for people to turn to, "said Andrias.

Homemade biogas reactor is now used by 66 dairy farmers in Subang, Bandung, Garut, Tasikmalaya and Padang, West Sumatra, following Bali, Central Java, and Lampung. Actually, all the animal waste could be used, including human waste. It's just that technology hit by the principle of merit in society. Organic waste can also be used as a staple manufacture of gas. Reactors can be placed in a shelter late (TPA) waste.

At the landfill received waste shipment of 5,000 cubic meters per day can produce about 25,000 cubic meters of gas per day, equivalent to 31.25 million watts of electricity. It can also generate electricity for about 2,500 households. Andrias sell the reactor at a price of Rp 1.5 million, including the cooperation pemasangan.Keseriusan important because sales biogas reactor should be followed by a satisfactory after-sales service so that people do not feel cheated. "If users feel a lot of complaints in using biogas reactor, they will not believe that cow dung really useful," said Andrias.

He said that until now the gas produced can not be packed in tubes for gas from cow manure is a type of methane (CH4). While the gas is packaged in a tube that can be liquefied gas, which comes from the types of butane (C4 H10) and pentane (C5 H12). The gas can be liquefied into the tube with a lot more volume. However, methane can not be so.

"But usually in the technology world, things will continue to evolve. Hopefully there are no funds to research further into not only breeders who can feel the benefits of biogas, "said Andrias.

So far, for the people who want to enjoy the biogas from manure and for farmers who want to sell to neighbors biogasnya can only be done with the system that is connected to the gas network of hoses, such as the use of gas in the ancient times. To calculate usage, use the meter.

To that end, produce and utilize its own gas work is a pride that farmers no longer need to buy kerosene, LPG, or firewood. Do not be surprised if it came to farm in the area and Cisarua Lembang, Bandung regency, you'll find a 5000 liter size plastic bag in a hole and the other bags the size of one cubic meter below the roof floats connected with plastic pipes. Simple equipment commonly found cow dung was actually biogas reactor and reservoir. Cow dung is mixed with water to the size of one-to-one was converted to gas. The gas flow into the reactor. After being flowed gas at the gas reservoir. Through a plastic hose, gas flowed again into the gas stove in the kitchen to cook.

Name: Andrias Wiji Setio Pamuji
Born: Ngrendeng Village, District Sine, Ngawi regency, East Java
Inventors: Biogas Reactor
Wife: Mila Juliani Perangin-wind
Children: Aldo Adicipta Yanuar
Occupation: Chemical Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering Department of the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)

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