Biography of Benito Mussolini

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Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (July 29, 1883 - 28 April 1945) was an Italian who embraced the Fascist dictator. He was the dictator of Italy during the period 1922-1943. He was forced to resign from the post of Prime Minister of Italy on July 28, 1943 after a series of defeats Italy in Africa. After his arrest, he was isolated. Two years later, he was executed in Como, northern Italy. Mussolini end to a decade as the German dictator Adolf Hitler made him a Nazi.

Mussolini was born in Predappio, Forlì (Emilia-Romagna). His father was a blacksmith Alessandro Rosa and her mother a school teacher. Like his father, he became a socialist heavy. In 1902 he emigrated to Switzerland. Because it is difficult to find a job anyway, he moved to Italy. In 1908 he joined the newspaper in the Austrian town of Trento.

Get out of there, he became editor of a socialist newspaper in la Lotta Class (Class Conflict). Here Karl Heinrich Marx enthusiasm for bigger. In 1910, he served as secretary of the socialist party in Forlì regional level and develop into antipatriot personality. When Italy declared war on the Ottoman Empire in 1911, he was jailed for peace propaganda. This is contrary to the performance later.

Biography Benito Mussolini

Once was appointed editor of the socialist newspaper Avanti, he moved to Milan, where he establish himself as a force more influenced the Italian socialist labor leaders. He believes, the proletariat can dibuhul fascio in motion. Presumably this is the forerunner of the Nazi movement, which was born at a time when the Italian economy deteriorated due to the war, and unemployment is rampant everywhere.

In March 1919, fascism became a political movement when he formed the group known as the Battle for the black dress, the collection of crooks, criminals, and thugs who act as a bouncer of the barons. They look spooky and every day into a fight on the streets.

After failing in the 1919 elections, he developed the group understood, so that starting under the influence. They, the fascists, rejected the parliament and promoting physical violence. Anarchy broke out everywhere. Liberal government powerless. He brought the "gang" her, a large number of the fascists were looking grim, to do Marching into Rome.

Seeing a group of thugs entered the haunted face Roma, King Vittorio Emanuele III jeri shrunk. Mussolini was invited to the palace and given the position of the Leader. In October 1922, the King asked him to form a new government. Be Italian managed fascist government.

First big break after taking office, was attacked Ethiopia with reference to the racist views of Charles Robert Darwin, "Ethiopia low class people, because it includes blacks. If ordered by a superior race like Italy, it was a natural result of evolution." In fact, he insists that nations evolve through battle. So be Italy at that time feared terjangnya football nation.

Troubling, when he occupied Abbesinia 1937, cash world gasped. Europe's best friends was Adolf Hitler, and they make an alliance, who dragged Italy into World War II on the side of Germany in 1940. However, his forces defeated in Greece and Africa, and Italy itself was invaded by the troops of the United Kingdom and the United States in 1943. At that time Mussolini had descended from his throne and imprisoned. German paratroopers freed and returned to power in Northern Italy. The end of history arrived shortly afterwards. When Italy finally defeated, he was shot by enemy Italianya and his body hung upside down in the Piazza Loreto in Milan.

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