Biography of Benjamin Franklin

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Biography of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was so successful in her career as separate from each other: the business is successful, the science works, literary works, and politics was successful. The results of a rare piece! Franklin's business career is like an ancient tale: from junk dealers to get rich. His family is not the one in Boston.

As a young man in Philadelphia he really deflated bag, but by the age of forty years Franklin had become a millionaire through her tersulap has printing, he had a newspaper company, and he had various other businesses. Meanwhile, in his spare time, he studied and taught himself four languages!

As a scientist, Franklin is famous for its basic investigations he has power and light. Together with that he also created various inventions have much purpose, including the "Franklin stove" with a dual focus lens and a light gun. The latter two findings are still used by people today.

Experiments writing the first successful Franklin was as journalists. He published Poor Richard's Almanac, which contains extraordinary talent reverses sentence fragments. (Not many writers who left so many expressions of an unforgettable uangkapan). At the end of the end of his life-he was composing his autobiography, a work famous ever written, and is still read and loved people.

In the political field, Franklin succeeded as he was also successful as an administrator (he's head of postal affairs for the colonies and under his leadership the postal affairs show a profit!), And as legislators (elected him repeatedly in the House of Representatives Pennsylvania): as a diplomat (he was very popular and successful as ambassador to France in a difficult period in American history). In addition, he was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and later a member of the Constitutional Convention.

There's more? Still. Franklin was the fifth career: he was a pep and community organizers. For example, he was one of the founders of the first hospital in Philadelphia. He helped organize the fire company and drive to succeed formation of city police affairs, he organized a mobile library (the first!) And the scientific community (as well as the first!).

Just as each person, Franklin also had difficulties and disappointments that make her have a sad heart. Even so, life is an outstanding example - perhaps the most remarkable in history - can a human being. Blessed by good health for most of the age of eighty-four years, Franklin had a long life happenings, interesting, helpful, religion, and generally happy in this world.

Judging from all the things mentioned above, it seems interesting to put Franklin in the main part of this book. However, none of her contribution was important enough to be considered one of the hundred most influential figures in history. I myself found that, even with consideration of all the actions that are combined into one, yet not enough.

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