Greek Identity

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a. Definition

Gerika Greek or English or the original language called Ellenika a separate subsidiary in the Indo-European language family. This language has survived over thousands of years and has written for more than 3500 years. Greek is also considered as one of the older languages ​​that have survived until now by the number of vocabulary of about 600,000 words. Currently Greek spoken mainly by the Greeks in Greece and Cyprus.

b. History

The oldest evidence of Greek is the stone tablets of Minoa. Other names

1. Region said

Greek is spoken in Greece and the islands of the Aegean Sea with the number of speakers more than 14 million people. However, Greek speakers are also found in southern Albania, the southern part of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania to the Ukraine and Georgia. In Italy, the speakers are also found in areas Calabbria. While in Turkey, many Greek-speaking community found in Gokceada, Bozca there and the city of Istanbul in very small amounts.

Outside the region, the Greek-speaking communities can be found in Egypt, especially in Alexandria and Cairo area. They mostly have settled in these areas since the time before Christ.

2. Greek-speaking Muslims

There are also a large number of Greek-speaking Muslims are found in Turkey. But the group is divided into two groups, namely group kreta from the island of Crete and Pontus who lived in the region along the Black Sea.

Crete is a Muslim immigrant groups were exchanged with the Orthodox as Lausanne treaty in 1923, and they lived in western Anatolia, generally in the waterfront district of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara Sea, and in cities such as Izmir, Antalya and Ayvalik. But the younger generation is experiencing a process group and the majority Turkifikasi finally mastered only Turkish.

Pontus Group is concentrating on the 5-6 villages around the city of Trabzon and Tonya, Turkey and North Of River valley, precisely in the valley nearby Yukari Solakli many as 50 villages. They are also found in two villages near Sakarya neighboring Istanbul. Pontus Greek groups converted to Islam since the 18th century, and adapt the cultural mix between Turkey and Greece, even using Turkish names in everyday life. They often refer to their language as Romaika and consider speaking Greek Orthodox as a distinct group, as the Romioi. Spoken by 300,000 people and the women just mastered Greek Pontus.

3. Attik Greece (Athens)

Greece Attik is the Greek variant used in the Athens area in the past. Most of the works of Greek literature written in this variant. This language is also used in the period of Roman rule continued with the Byzantine empire to be Modern Greek as it is now.

c. Greek role in science

Greek language has a high role in science, especially Western Science. You could say the philosophy on which the emergence of Greek science. It is therefore not surprising that Greek substantial contributing to science.

Foreigners who first recognizes the contribution of the Greeks was the Romans. Therefore, in the Latin language there are many words from Greek uptake.

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