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a. Definition

soil is the earth's surface or layer of earth that is above all. In engineering terms, the definition of granular soil is coarse gravel, sand, clay, clay and all loose materials lainna including the topsoil, to the bed rock. In agricultural science, there is a term horizons A, B, C which is the ground. But the discussion of horizons A, B, and C is too long off when we mentioned here. So we will focus on the general understanding of soil only.

Understanding the soil will be more clear if we connect with some explanation below ground. The term of land have different definitions. Additional definition of the land are as follows:

• The state of the earth somewhere.
• The surface of the earth which are demarcated.
• Mainland.
• The surface of the earth are limited occupied a nation that was ruled a country or a region for a country.
• The materials of the earth.

Sometimes the term is also associated with the term land area. The land itself has a meaning as an open ground or cultivated land. To add a reference to our understanding of the land, we need to know also the land associated with the term "land", "ground", "soil", "earth", and "dirt" in English. If we look in the dictionary in English, all of which have a definition as hard and dry parts of the earth's surface. So from here it can be seen that the definition of land in the Indonesian language and in English have a convergence or similarity.

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