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Noah Band - On 23 July, Ariel has been free from Bandung Waru Garden LP. Is not yet clear what will be done after Ariel Peterpan freely later. Unexpectedly, however, their first step is not exactly a new song. Thursday, August 2 yesterday, Ariel, Lukman, Uki, David, and Reza announced a new name to call their band. "The new name is Noah Peterpan. This name itself already there long. 2 years, ago. We sempet says there are 3 and one of them is. Cuman is wait until today, "said Ariel.

Ariel said the fact that the name has been around since 2.5 years ago. However, he and his friends are always trying to cover up. Among the three candidates, the name Noah he felt good most simple and meaningful. "I heard that name more simple and in accordance with the color of the music we play," said Ariel. Uki added, he increasingly felt the name fit her gait band after finding meaning in the dictionary. "There are three means, comforter (maker comfortable), peaceful, and long life. I think three is upon us, "says the guitarist.

Noah name synonymous with the story of one of the Prophet. When mentioned the name is taken from the name Noah? Ariel reveals not so leading up to it.

"Not too into it, (that) is the name of the Prophet, Noah. I personally heard the name was simplified. If you listen to the music we play, the name is also not excessive. Name Noah one color with the music that we play, "said Ariel. With the new name, Ariel or just does not sound promising new mixing quality. For him, the most basic in Noah just one.

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