Strengthen Function Panca Indra Infants to 5 Ways It

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1. Creating fragrances to strengthen the sense of smell
The experts claim that the earliest senses develop in humans is the sense of smell, which has been growing in the womb. At the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, the baby has been able to smell the food eaten mother. This happens because the smell can cross the amniotic fluid. In the first week of life the baby after birth, the baby's nose was able to distinguish between the smell and the smell of his mother's breast milk from another mother. Newborn babies can instantly senses adjust to the environment than the other four senses. To strengthen the baby's sense of smell, avoid exposure to cigarette smoke since pregnant because the baby has to be aware of unpleasant odors in the womb. When you're relaxing, light lavender aromatherapy candles with a pleasant smell.

2. To strengthen the sense of touch Touch
The first few months of life, babies are still very passive and still relies on the stimulation and comfortable touch from adults. Starting at the age of 4 months, there have been changes in the baby such as reaching out to touch and objects nearby, such as blankets, toys, and the mother's face. How to increase the power of the sense of touch bayia is touching the baby's skin is very sensitive or massage gently. Babies can actually feel the vibrations from the mother's body when you touch it. The touch of skin to skin can give a nice effect for the baby, especially if the baby is lying on your chest because it helps regulate breathing and body temperature. Wear a soft blanket so your baby's skin can be protected.

3. Make eye contact as often as possible to strengthen the sense of sight
Infant's ability to develop a sense of sight will develop gradually after the age of six or seven months of life. Newborns can only focus vision as little as 8 to 15 inches. At the end of the first month, the baby has increased visibility to about three feet and at 3 months of age, babies begin to recognize an object or a person's face. If you think your baby's eyes are not able to locate objects around it after 3 months of age, consult a physician.

Babies also have trouble distinguishing one color from another before the age of 4 months. To help improve the sensitivity of the sense of sight baby, make eye contact with the baby to help the baby to focus on your face. Do not breast-feed while holding the phone or look at a computer screen. Then make sure the baby is in a comfortable position, because the position of the neck and head is very important for developing baby's vision.

4. Give voice stimuli to reinforce the sense of hearing
Babies have developed senses of hearing since in the womb, and research has shown that babies can recognize her mother's voice. At about 2 months of age, babies begin to respond to the sound of his parents by causing little noises. How to help baby improve her hearing senses, do not cause too loudly around babies like the sound of musical instruments blaring because it can damage their hearing. Berbicalah to the baby and watch the response. If the baby does not respond to your voice at all and did not issue a single word when it has 7 months old, consult a physician. This might be a problem in the development of hearing or speaking.

5. Mothers should eat a varied diet to strengthen baby's sense of taste
Someone actually tastes have been formed since birth. Newborns are naturally been able to identify a sweet and salty taste, which is a good thing, because milk contains both taste. After the baby is ready for solid foods, usually around 6 months, choose foods that have a natural sweet taste like fruit and sweet potatoes. Do not give away the slightly bitter taste of vegetables like spinach, because the baby is still very sensitive taste buds.

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