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Lots of brochure printing services, digital printing, mounting ballyho and other types of offline advertising and one that I want to discuss here is the flyer.

The brochure is not periodical publications that are not bound hard, complete (in one issue), have at least 5 pages but no more than 48 pages, in their calculations cover (UNESCO)

Brochures are commonly used for promo or product identifier of a company. Usually like there discounted prices, or other new products, company brochure is commonly used as a large supermarket retail, shopping centers and more.

There are so many uses of brochures in addition to promos, flyers can be used for:

Introduce your company's products.
Inform discounts or promo being run by your company.
Inform your company's catalog of products.
Some of the advantages include:

More concise.
Promotional savings.
Writing easier and more concise.
Language easier to understand.

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