7 Actors handsome man in Indonesia

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Who does not want a handsome face, you, them and me of course. but handsome face was terkodrat of the above, as these men in 7 actor most handsome man in Indonesia version 7Top Ranking.

1. Vino G Bastian

Vino G Bastian, born in Jakarta, March 24, 1982, began his career as a star model and then expand, following the cast films 30 DAYS FIND LOVE (2004), which also became his film debut.

2. Kristian Sugiono

Christian Sugiono born in Jakarta, February 25, 1981. In the world of entertainment Tian, ??so called known as a film actor, soap opera actor and the star of a number of product advertisements. His career in entertainment began Tian when he was studying in high school, with a magazine cover Hai in 1997, a model of fashion, catwalk, commercials and video clips.

3. Samuel Rizal

Samuel Rizal was born in Jakarta, 26 November 1980. The man who is familiarly called by the name of Sammy is an Indonesian male actor who has starred in several teen films. The man who has a hobby of playing basketball has starred Eiffel I'm in Love with a movie actress and teen soap operas, Sandy Aulia and What Is Love? with actor Bertrand Antolin.

4. Mario Lawalata

His full name is Mario Santa Michael Lawalata or popular enough with the name Mario Lawalata, is a model and acting star born in Pekanbaru, Riau, March 3, 1980. Ads that once starred in them and Mie Mie. While as a soap star, Mario has starred in many serial number of sitcoms, including Love Story, Love Without Logic and temples Blind who starred with Titi Kamal.

5. Evan Sanders

Evan Sanders is a man born in Biak, Papua, 8 November 1981 the mengeluti world of entertainment Indonesian. He is known as MTV VJ, film actress and also a singer. As an actor, Evan starred Dealova, Kuntilanak and several soap operas such as FIRST NIGHT, KU SHOULD DIE, VIRGIN VILLAGE, LAILA and dime novel. Meanwhile, in the world of singing, Evan was a duet with singer Joey Ayala senior in his song About Him.

6. Indra L Brugman

Indra Bruggman more popular with L. Bruggman. Single-Sunda-blooded Dutch was born in Tasikmalaya, May 8, 1981. Ever since I was elementary school, Indra has often won competitions in his hometown fashion. While in junior high school to be exact in 1995, Indra follow the selection of Assorted coverboy and managed to become one of the finalists. Shortly after that, Indra decided to move to Jakarta. He then followed the casting and immediately elected to the soap opera starring Jinny Jinny OH production Multivision Plus, with Diana Pungky.

7. Darius Sinatria

Darius Sinathrya widely known after hosting a live screening of World Cup football 2006 on SCTV. Although previously been widely featured as a model, starred in the film and brought pickles. In the record of his career, Darius has starred in soap operas such as Gatut GLASS, GHOSTS IN LOVE and NOT CONTAIN ANY MOTHER. Even today also support the two movies at once. D'BIJIS titled debut film director plots Rako Prijanto and NAGA BONAR (SO) 2 with Deddy Mizwar and Tora Sudiro.

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